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As an employee I fear for my life at this company with all this dust blowing in the air. I don’t cognize what to make? There are so many things that I should be making about this but I don’t know if I will be put on the lining my occupation or traveling to acquire person else in problem? Do I have the right to describe this state of affairs to person else? I believe that I would put on the line my occupation merely to salvage my life with many other lives. I would hold to describe it to either OSHA or the proprietor. If the proprietor does non make anything so I would be forced to put on the line my occupation. We should non be working in this sort of status. There are Torahs about these unsafe conditions that we are working in. It is corporate duty to do certain we are non in injury. If I choose non to describe the company and the company has an accident fire in the center of the dark or even worse making working conditions so I will experience responsible because I didn’t halt it from go oning. It would be incorrect to non name in on this company because it is messing with the employee’s wellness. By non naming in on this company means that this company does non hold any organized civilization. It does non truly care what happens to the company.

The possible effect if I were to describe this company would be either losing my occupation and be labeled as something that I am non. I want to assist salvage occupations and lives and non be labeled as a whistle blower. I am seeking to salvage the company and am non seeking to acquire them in any problem. I merely want them to make the right thing and have person come in and clean the company or work together as a squad and clean it ourselves. The possible effects that could go on if I fail to describe the work topographic point conditions are legion. First there could be a atrocious mill fire! Many lives could be affected if it is non reported and brought to the company’s attending. If I don’t study this so it would be against any ethical motives that I have.

I would experience like it is my mistake even though it is non in any manner my mistake. This company should hold criterions and should stand up for the company. They wouldn’t be in so much problem if they kept up with their duties in the first topographic point. Assuming that I reported the workplace status would I be labeled? In my eyes I don’t see it as that. I see it as assisting the company non blowing up in many pieces. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t merely pay person to clean the mill so that they don’t end up in the intelligence and under probe for something so simple that could be fixed. I know at that place has to be person in the company that knows something about why they are non worried about the status of the mill.

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