Yoga in healthcare facilities Essay

Nowadays, most of the people In US have sedentary lifestyle and they consume a huge amount of Junk food in their dally diet leading to obesity and other diseases. The whole world is focusing on the invention of new medications and therapies for these diseases. But, the preventative measures for these fatal diseases and syndromes are not implemented successfully. Patients in hospitals are serious about their health and the lessons provided will be most effective.

So, I want to make a proposal of providing yoga and disease related informative classes in each and every hospital or healthcare facilities in the US. It is not only the physical exercise but also the mental, spiritual and social activity that helps the patients to think positively to reduce the stress and pain In the hospital stay and later Yoga Is the bridge between mind, body and soul. It helps to activate the body natural ability to heal.

Traditional yoga techniques such as movement, stretching, meditation, breath work, mantras, etc. Can be useful when the patient is in very low self-esteem and stress. It can be modified according to the individual needs and medical conditions and good for all ages and the levels of fitness, and for anyone trundling with pain, Illness, trauma, or challenging life transitions. Yoga classes can be run in the hospitals like the child playing room in hospitals, library, or gym.

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Some healthcare facilities have offered prayer rooms for the patient. But we can change that to the Adult yoga room (like child playing room) where all the patient can go and learn about yoga, exercises, spiritual classes and pray which includes all the physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing of the patient. This doesn’t cost much for the healthcare facilities but the benefit it provides is huge. It is aid that If we do yoga (half an hour a day) and consume good and healthy food, we can avoid the disease.


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