World War II vs. World War I Essay

World War I and World War I are two of the deadliest and costly conflicts to occur in world history. With over 100 million casualties they combine to be two of the most devastating wars ever. They both are very similar and destroyed a good amount of land in Europe, while also involving the same allies on both side. Although they both have high casualties World War II is more important to Europe for many reasons. Some reasons are the holocaust, advancements in technology, and the results that occurred from the war. World War II was the deadliest war in history accounting for over 70 million casualties.

About 6 million of those deaths were caused by the holocaust. The Holocaust was the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of approximately six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators (Holocaust History). During the Holocaust, Hitler and the Nazis also targeted other groups because they believed they were inferior to the German race. Those groups included the Slavic people, Gypsies, and disabled. Other groups of people were killed because they believed something different or had different political views. Those groups were Communists, Socialists, and homosexuals.

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The Nazis spread concentration camps or death camps, across Eastern Europe and Germany. These camps ranged in size and were hidden from the public. Many tactics such as the Euthanasia Program, where at least 200,000 mentally or physically disabled patients, mainly Germans, living in institutional settings, were murdered (Holocaust History). Throughout the Holocaust six million Jews were killed with millions more of prisoners of war and other inferior groups were killed. Towards the end of the war as the allies started to take control of parts of Germany, the Nazis did not want the public to find out about the holocaust.

What the Nazis did was they started the “Final Solution”. The Nazis killed 2 out of 3 Jew as a last ditch effort to eradicate the Jews and hide the evidence. The holocaust is one of the most devastating moments of WWII and history. Another reason why WWII is important to Europe was because of the advancements in technology. Many of the weapons that were used in WWI were very primitive compared to the advancements that were made in WWII. Some advancement that are made are weapons, vehicles, and strategies. The weapons used in WWI to WII advanced greatly.

For example machine guns in WWI were very large and not very practical to move around. By WWII sub machines such as the Thompson submachine gun had been created. These guns were light and small but packed a punch for the relatively small size. Other rifles that were previously bolt operated were no able to be fired in semi-automatic, gas operated guns that could shot faster and farther. Vehicles had also been improved such as tanks and the navy. In WWI the first tanks were very basic and very unreliable. They were not able to travel very well unless it was flat terrain. The one thing these tanks did have were a fear factor.

If a soldier saw a tank for the first time they would have no idea what to do or how to approach it. Tanks in WWII drastically changed from the slow bulky tanks in WWI. They could now shoot more powerful ammunition, travel faster on different terrain, and were a powerful weapon for advancing on the enemy. Tanks were also a valuable resource to the Germans because of their tactic of Blitzkrieg or lightening war for advancing quickly and powerfully on the enemy defenses. Another advancement that was made was with naval battle. Aircraft carriers were used throughout the allied Navy. They would allow for easy troop and aircraft movement.

Another advancement was with the creation with submarines. The German creation of the U-Boat really started the new era of naval battle. Germany would use them to destroy the Allied resources coming from North America to Europe. The Allied navy was essential for the Pacific campaign. If it was not for a strong navy the allies would not have been able to stop or get to the Japanese. Another reason World War II is more important than World War I was the results that occurred from. Europe after World War II was in shambles. Almost every country had to rebuild and repair damage that occurred from the war.

One provision the world made to prevent further conflicts and wars was the creation of the United Nations. “On October 24, 1945, 51 nations ratified the United Nations Charter. The United Nations (UN) was formed to achieve several goals. Some of the most important are: global human rights, economic and social development for all nations, and the maintenance of international peace and security (ABC Clio)”. Peacekeepers can only act as a buffer between the two sides. They cannot take sides and the force is mainly used for maintaining a ceasefire. Many of the countries in Europe and around the world that were involved in the war joined.

Maybe even more important to Europe than the United Nations is the European Union. The European Union is an economic and political partnership between 27 countries in Europe (Kent). The EU has successfully created a single partner economic market and open borders along the countries. It was originally created to stop war neighboring countries. Wars had been often and bloody in Europe. It was also created to help keep a steady economy throughout Europe. Many countries share the same currency to also increase trade and help the economy. The results of World War II really differed from the results of World War I.

After WWI tensions were high. Germany was angry because of the Treaty of Versailles. There was no way Germany was going to be able to payback the debt they had. Adolf Hitler was angry and wanted revenge. After World War II was completely different atmosphere. Europe wanted to create a united continent that was done with constant war and also help the growth of smaller European countries economy. Another result that was very important to Europe was the beginning of the Cold War. Cold War describes the intense rivalry that developed after World War II (1939-1945) between groups of Communist and non-Communist nations (Donahue).

Although the conflict was mainly between the U. S. and the Soviet Union it really affected Eastern bloc countries that were taken over by Communist control. The Iron Curtain blocked the West from East. The cold war was important to Europe because it led to the end of communism in Europe and also the creation of countries in Western Europe after the fall of the Soviet Union. World War I and World War II are two of the most important moments in European and World history. They both were devastating wars that were costly for both sides. Although they were both important moments in history World War II for many reasons is more important.

Some reasons include the holocaust, advancement in technology, and the results of the war. World War I was important to Europe because it was really the turning point into modern military. World War II really pushed the world into a new era of advancement and peace with the creation of many world unions. World War II is the most important moment in European history because if changed the world then and shaped the world today.

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