World Vision Website Analysis Sample Essay

World Vision Philippines is a non-profit organisation that advocates assisting the kids. households and communities in the Philippines in get the better ofing poorness and unfairness. I have chosen this company because there were two inquiries that were running through my head. First is. “How does a non-profit organisation market their company? Second. “What do they precisely sell? ” For a non-profit organisation who is dependent on financess being donated or generated from activities for a cause. it would be really impractical for them to advance their company utilizing above-the-line advertizements such as print ads and telecasting commercials. the lone medium they could take advantage of without holding to pass a batch of money is through the optimisation of the cyberspace. As I visited their web site which is www. worldvision. org. pH. I was able to come up with different observations. It is applaudable that the web site of World Vision can be easy searched and accessed. Upon looking at their site. it is truly evident the World Vision uses assortment of on-line selling patterns.

It features both the proficient and originative elements of cyberspace selling which includes development. design. advertizement and gross revenues. Other critical scheme elements such as the offer. the media used. the aiming vehicle. the originative executing. and the service and support used by the company must besides be assessed. As I entered the site. I looked into its visual aspect. ( Refer to Annex B ) It looks visually appealing and professional. The colourss used which were largely orangish. white and bluish were non deflecting. Texts can be easy read. The artworks used were capturing excessively. it contributed a batch in doing the place page expression simple yet non tiring. and the exposures used were of high quality which added to increase its ocular visual aspect. Although manner is of import to cognize make good feeling and to lure visitants to shop longer on a web page. the content of the web site to cognize if it has substance must besides be considered.

The information available must be plenty for the visitants to happen what they are looking for. Apart from seting significant information in the web site. it is besides of import to measure whether these information are relevant. The home page of World Vision summarizes all the characteristics that it has on its web page. Upon sing the page. you will already see links that will take you know what their protagonism is all approximately. how to patronize a kid. what are other ways to give. how to acquire involved. who is World Vision and who are their spouses. Apart from that. intelligence articles. picture. testimonies. and featured events can besides be found in their place page. Linkss for hunt. site map. FAQs. occupations. log-in. and testimonies are besides located at the underside of their web site. A feedback button is available at the side of the web page and a remark box below which visitants can snap to direct in their remarks and suggestions. ( Refer to Annex F ) Apart from the feedback button. there’s besides a “contact us” button located at the underside of the web site every bit good.

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Icons which will take the visitants to the history of World Vision in assorted societal networking sites such as Facebook. Youtube. Google + and Twitter are located at that place excessively. Their latest Annual Report can besides be previewed and downloaded which can besides be found in their home page. ( Refer to Annex B and C ) . The content of World Vision’s Website is really organized which made pilotage easy. All the contents which can be found in their web site are updated and arranged logically. The picture. the intelligence articles and the events which have been featured added in making a deeper experience for the visitants. The primary end of World Vision is to get clients who will be willing to patronize a kid. or supply contributions which the company can use to force through with its activities and protagonism. World Vision uses two cyberspace gross theoretical accounts which are sponsorship gross and contributions. ( Refer to Annex J ) Some of the company’s patrons or major spouses include EON. The Ascott. BMI. Unilab. Johnson & A ; Johnson Philippines. Coffee Master’s Inc. . Toyota. JP Morgan Chase & amp ; Co. . PS Bank. Robinsons. Unilever. LBC. and Petron.

It is a fund-raiser concern theoretical account ; it is through their web site that World Vision creates run for their events and activities such as concert for a cause. alleviation operations and Noche Buena aggregation. to assist the victims of the catastrophes that hit our state. give something to the childs of their spouse communities on Christmas Day and gather contributions for those who are interested to patronize a kid who will be provided with nutrient supply and free instruction. The web site of World Vision has besides abided to the four I’s of Internet Marketing which includes interactivity. information driven. immediateness and affecting. It was able to do its website synergistic because it has provided the clients assorted options to pass on with them straight. it could be through the “contact us” button. “feedback” button and remark box which can be found in the web site. ( Refer to Annex E and H ) . Any feedback coming from a visitant whether in a signifier of a suggestion or unfavorable judgment contributes a batch in finding the strengths of the company and the countries which are needed to be improved.

The company could take these feedbacks into considerations to turn the web site into a more marketable 1. Through these. World Vision can maintain path of their visitants who visited and availed what the company offers. Bing a web site that is information-driven can be an advantage for the company for it will widen their web and potency clients. The remarks. suggestions. and inquiries of the clients could be responded easy. On the other manus. clients besides get to affect themselves through the authorship testimonies and watching the picture watercourse which are posted on their web site and are besides connected on their Youtube history. Through their other societal networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. clients can easy post and affect themselves into the organisations. Other possible clients can besides be tapped through these. ( Refer to Annex I )

In order to bring forth more contributions. one of the really important informations capturing that World Vision should make is to supervise its client interactions. This will enable the company to find the jobs and reply the inquiries of its clients. It will besides be a good locale to promote more clients to back up the protagonism of the organisation through patronizing a kid. volunteering or giving contributions. One of the client acquisition plans of World Vision is through an event-driven selling. Every twelvemonth. it launches its “12-hour Famine” event which is a fund-raising event where participants will garner for a whole-day concert and will non eat for 12-hours. This event is being advertised through their web site and through their Facebook and Twitter history which is hosted by assorted famous persons such as Sam Concepcion. Tippy Department of State Santos. Dingdong Dantes. Chris Tiu and Nikki Gil. who at the same are World Vision embassadors. Assorted synergistic channels apart from web site are being used such as e-mail selling.

E-mail selling is used through directing newssheets to those who have signed-up for it. The web site of World Vision has besides observed degrees of permission in Marketing. On the upper portion of the heading. an pointer which when you click will hold a pop-up message that says. “Want to have good intelligence straight to your electronic mail? Sign up to our intelligence letter” . ( Refer to Annex A ) . A double-opt in is what being used by the organisation wherein they will inquire the client to subscribe up as a manner of holding to have farther communicating. ( Refer to Annex G ) . After which. an electronic mail will be sent by the company which the client has to verify to to the full finish the subscription to newssheets. Through this. the organisation has already started the development of E-mail selling.

When the clients have already filled up the mark up signifier. customers’ informations are gathered and the company will now hold entree in garnering their penetrations. After these. the company can so propose proactive actions and measure the response of their clients to come up with new selling schemes. After measuring the visual aspect. the content. the consistence. the value. the serviceability and the effectivity of the World Vision’s web site. it can be concluded that the company is able to optimise the usage of Internet in marketing their organisation. This lone proves how helpful cyberspace is in a success of an organisation. Without holding to pass so much on selling and advertizement. a company can still set up its trade name and its presence in the market with high returns on investings.


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