World ring finger should be encouraged to

           World champion basketball player,
Stephen Curry, once said, I’m
6’3″ and 185 pounds on a good day, so I probably relate more to the casual fan
who watches the game and is not super athletic, not this crazy monster of
physical stature. While it is true that Curry is much smaller than most
other players on the court, it seems that he can score whenever he wants to. It
is perhaps fair to assume that he has some other natural gift that somehow
gives him a competitive advantage when playing basketball. Indeed, there are
some surprising characteristics that may lead to better athletic ability such
as the length of an athlete’s fingers, the ability to decelerate, and stability
of one’s trunk muscles.

            First, the relative length of one’s
fingers can indicate natural athletic ability. Importantly, the difference in
length between the second and fourth fingers is essential for predicting
athletic ability. According to a recent study, generally speaking, people with
lower digit ratios – in other words, people whose fourth fingers are
comparatively longer than their second fingers – are predicted to have better
performances over an extremely wide scope of sports (Tomkinson & Dyer, 2017).
This was first illustrated in a detailed study of English professional football
(soccer) players. There is of course considerable variability across different
activities, but subsequent research has shown that people with low digit ratios
tend to be better at American football, basketball, rugby, running, sumo
wrestling, swimming, tennis, and volleyball. Thanks to all of this research, it
seems reasonable that children whose index finger is much shorter than their
ring finger should be encouraged to participate in athletic activities from a
young age.

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            Additionally, an athlete’s ability
to stop movement and change direction quickly is a good indicator of future



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