World and the geographic location? (Cityand Region)

World Religions ProjectName of god(s)/prophet (s). Judaism is a monotheistic religion, and their God goes by many names such as Elohim, Yahweh, Adonai, El-Shaddai and Hashem. Their God has sent a ridiculous amount of prophets to Jews, because they kept messing up. He promised them lots of land, and that their children would occupy that land, and they had to believe in Him, the one true God, but they kept on wandering off, and disobeying him, therefore he sent many prophets, notable ones being Moses, Jacob, Isaiah, Elijah Isaac and Abraham.What are the dates the religion began and the geographic location? (Cityand Region) Around 1800 BCE, Abraham was born in Ur, ancient Mesopotamia, until God revealed himself to him, and, as stated above, promised him land, if he moved to what is now known as Israel, and had children there.What are other important dates/holidays are there? For holidays,the most famous one is Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights, which celebrates the end of Jewish persecution from their Syrian oppressors. They did not want them to practice Judaism, so the Jews eventually rebelled against their leaders, and decided to rededicate their temple. While they were doing so, they did not have enough oil, but the oil that should have lasted them one day burned for eight days and eight nights. This is now commemorated by modern Jews lighting candles during Hanukkah to commemorate the burning of the oil. The more important, and not as famous holiday is the Passover, which celebrates the day the Jewish people were freed from slavery by Moses, and there are many rituals, and includes a major feast. Another large part of Judaism is the Shabbat, where every week on Friday evenings until Sunday evening honoured these days for rest, prayer, and did not work this time. This is done to honour the Sabbath, or the seventh day, when God rested, after creating the world.What is the language most associated with this religion? The language most associated with Judaism would be Hebrew, as it’s been spoken for thousands of years, and many of the books, and written Jewish work is written in Hebrew, or variations of Hebrew like Yiddish.Is the religion Monotheistic, polytheistic or atheist? Elaborate on why that is so. Judaism is strictly monotheistic, because the main point of the covenant (promise) between Abraham and God, was that he stop believing in idols like everyone else, and believe in the one true God. This is clearly stated in the promise, so Judaism has always been a monotheistic religion, because the basis of Judaism is belief in only one God.What are the major beliefs/principles of the religion? (Minimum of 5) There are no official principles of Judaism that everyone agrees on, but there are a few underlying principles that are recognized through most of Judaism; Monotheism, the belief that there is only one God, That God created everything, that you should only pray to him, that He transcends time and space, and is eternal; and that God gave them a choice to be good or evil, and that they should do their best to follow the laws that God gave Moses.Describe their Holy book. Despite popular belief the Torah is not the Jewish Holy book, it is only part of it. The full holy book is called the Tankah, and it encompasses the Torah, the Nevi’im, and the Kethuvim. These are about the laws, the prophets, and the writings of Judaism respectively. The reason there is so much emphasis on the Torah, is because it was written by Moses, according to Jews, the greatest prophet of all time. Jewish people use this book as law, and strictly believe in it.Where do you find this religion being worshiped in the world? Judaism can be found worldwide with the most people living in Israel or the United States.How many people worship in this religion? There are roughly 14 to 18 million people worshipping Judaism.What Symbol(s) represent this religion and why? While The Star of David is more commonly associated with Judaism, the Menorah is a much older symbol of Judaism, and represents the light that ancient Jews have been lighting in temples for thousands of years, and represents the light that Judaism is bringing to the World. Larger Scope Questions:What must people do to practice this religion? Elaborate on their everydaylives. While there is no set daily ritual for Jewish people to follow, there are things that many Jewish people do, like pray or go to synagogues. Daily lives are mainly changed on weekends. This is when the Shabbat begins, and Jewish people start preparing for it on Friday evening, and have to rest and pray for the weekend, to symbolize how God rested after the creation of the world. This is strictly enforced, and as I said last week in class, in early Jewish cultures, people were stoned to death for merely picking up sticks on the Shabbat, which shows how important it is to Jews.Map the spread over time of your world religion from their points of originto where we find we find the greatest concentrations of followers today.Physical Copy providedProvide at least 3 pictures that are of places of worship, people practicingthe religion or religious sites, and also, give a descriptive rundown of why itis important. The main places of worship for Jewish people are synagogues, and they are important, because temples and synagogues have been used in Judaism for thousands of years, and  is used for communal worship between Jews. It has persevered Jewish culture, and is seen as a major part of Jewish culture. When large synagogues, or temples were built, it was historic, like for example the Temple of David. How does this religion influence the world in a larger context both then andnow? In the early days, Judaism was frowned upon for its monotheistic ideologies, but soon spread to many parts of the globe, and was known as the only monotheistic religion until Christianity came along. When Christianity was developed, it built on Judaism so Judaism heavily influenced Christianity, and later on also Islam. While Judaism itself might not have influenced a lot, Christianity and Islam definitely did. Islam conquered most of the Middle East, while Christianity was adopted by the Roman Empire. There, they both exploded in converts, and shaped the world, all stemming from Judaism, and the Promised Land of  This has unfortunately led to conflict in Israel, because of how interconnected it is between these three Abrahamic religions. They all believe that they are the rightful owners of Israel, and there is no true way of settling this for sure. These conflicts impact the Western world as well, as we have had to get involved in these battles.How might geography influence your religion specifically? Geography has influenced Judaism, because of how secluded Judea was in the Roman Empire, it was very difficult for the religion to spread farther than that once Roman Rule began. One of the upsides to this secluded region was that because of the population density, a lot of the people born in Judea became Jewish because of how many Jews there were. When the Jews conquered Canaan, again after their enslavement, they converted a lot of people through their 40 year journey.In a more general context, why and how do religions start? As the guy in the beginning of the video you provided said, religion comes from the desire to find out how we came to be, and how we exist in this world. When you look for answers that can’t be proven, you encounter theology, or religion, which seeks to answer those questions through a higher power. The belief of a higher power has existed since humans have become conscious. Then a person claims something that sounds true. If the person is charismatic, and persuasive, many people follow them, who then go and follow them, and with each person spreading the religion, it amasses a large following, and therefore have provided an answer to these questions to may people.Bibliography:


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