Witnessing | Perform First Aid). Since the

a crash/collision can be a scary experience, especially if you are the first
person to the scene. This person is known as the first person to arrive at the
scene of an accident, injury or sudden illness and his or her job is to assess
the situation and arrange for assistance. This person may or may not be a First
Aid Officer or a person trained in first aid but that does not stop him or her
from acting. There are several steps that need to take place to ensure that
safety protocols are being made and to ensure the wellbeing of all parties that
are involved in the crash/collision.

first person to arrive at the scene of an injury or sudden illness, whether
they have a medical background or not, need to assess the situation quickly. In
this case, I was the first responder and I needed to check for danger. By doing
so, I am ensuring that I will be able to get to the elderly woman and not put
myself in harm’s way as well. This quick step is all done before calling any
assistance. This would be when I would be implementing the three C’s (Check,
Call, Care).  During this time, when
approaching the victim, I would also be on the phone with 911 explaining the
situation. Since the scene seems to be safe, I would try get more information
from the woman. After I noticed that she was unconscious, I told the operator
that and arranged for assistance and/or emergency services to
attend. I explained my location which at the time was in front of my home at
202 Mohawk Street Stay and that it is involving an elderly woman who is unconscious
and bleeding heavily in the head. From there I would stay with
the elderly woman and assist to the best of my ability until I was able to
hand-over to a First Aid Officer or health care professional (First Aid Steps |
Perform First Aid).

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the elder woman was bleeding heavily, I tried to stop the bleeding as best as I
can. Since I am certified in CPR and First Aid I would do my best to try and help
this woman. If I had someone else around me I would direct them to get a towel
or some type of barrier that could be used to stop the bleeding. Since I was
alone, I needed to use items that were around me or yell for some help because I
couldn’t leave her alone in the state that she was in. Since she was unresponsive
I tried to shout
to get her attention again and tapped her shoulder all while checking for
normal breathing. Since she was breathing, I stayed next to her, monitored her breathing,
made sure that her airway maintained open and if any changes occurred I would
be able to notice them. I did not move the elderly woman, because I was unsure if
there was a spinal injury (First Aid Steps | Perform First Aid). During all of
this, I had the operator on the phone with me still, walking me through the necessary
steps. To keep the bleeding from becoming worse, I applied pressure to the
covered wound. As soon as the First Aid Officer and medical professionals
arrived, I would update them on what I have done and where the woman is at
physically and then allowed them to finish their protocols.

to a crash/collision can be traumatic, especially if you are the first person to
the scene. Remembering to take a few deep breathes and going in there with a
clear head on your shoulders will allow you to make conscious decisions that
can save someone’s life.



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