With when I thought about different realms

With the approaching technologically singular world (a
place where human technology merges with human intelligence), the focus is
shifting towards Multidisciplinary Engineering research for radical advances in
sciences. Collaborating to create an age with smart, sustainable, and resilient
infrastructural communities, for the betterment of humanity and environment. I
feel excited about this development process, and I wish to contribute to this
era of transformation. That is how my aspiration of establishing an
entrepreneurial venture in the field of Spatial Design and Construction has
burgeoned. With this objective, for evolving as a stellar entrepreneur, I wish
to pursue my graduate studies in Engineering Management.

The seeds of my passion and goals for the future were
sown by my love to build and create, at the age of thirteen in my backyard
workshop while echoing structural models documented in ‘Megastructures’
television series, using popsicle sticks and toy-blocks. The joy of replicating
models at that young age, accrued day by day and matured into ardor for design
and creation. Six years back, when I thought about different realms of science
and technology from the Paleolithic period to the present 21st Century, it was
hard to think of a domain that has been involved in our lives in many ways as
much as Civil Engineering was. It has ensured safety and enriched our quality
of life from the dawn of the civilization. This notion precisely captured my
interests and inspired me to pursue Bachelors in Civil Engineering.

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Building on my dream, I earned my undergraduate degree in
Civil Engineering. The course curriculum and my work on academic projects made
me learn the science behind the field. Involvement in advanced research
projects of Building Materials and Earthquake Engineering (while interning at
IIT-Madras and CBRI-Roorkee) has broadened my view of understanding engineering
possibilities. Driven by the keenness to harbor skills in ‘creating’ something
new, I decided to explore what is beyond my knowledge. My thesis project on the
conceptualization of a scissoring origami pop-up bridge for transferring
displayed people to low-risk zones in exigencies of disasters drove me to
envision the beauty interred in the integrative works of arts and civil
engineering. It confirmed my belief that, an innovative and collaborative
design could bring sense to the physical world. Moments like these are what I
exactly want my life to be about: Discovery and Innovation. I have presented
three of my undergraduate projects at two International Conferences. Such
diverse exposure gained through the academic curriculum, educational projects,
internships and paper presentations has finessed my logical, organizational,
interpersonal and communication skills. Moreover, my college education has
given me some of the most treasured and inspiring instances to keep moving
forward despite the odds. I believe such hands-on skills and well-cemented
conceptual accomplishments will prove useful when I will strive through
rigorous academic coursework in my higher studies.

In parallel to academics, I actively participated in
several extra-curricular activities. As the President of students association
(CESA), I steered a team of 10 to successfully organize and manage expert
lectures, workshops, and training sessions for undergraduate students. This
experience helped me in recognizing the importance of resiliency and
self-reflection for building an optimistic mindset and taught me to tackle
problems with determination and the right attitude. Involvement in
environmental volunteer-ship (as a part of Go Green Forum) has strengthened my
commitment towards nature.

As an Engineer Trainee at Sterlite’s operations and
project management team, I was responsible for handling telecom project
monitoring and analysis activities. Capitalizing on this opportunity, I have
acquired knowledge in the theoretical and practical spheres of operations and
project management. Additionally, I have developed a deeper understanding
towards organizational ecology, complex social processes, and business
strategies through cross-functional training and interaction with the senior
management team of the organization.

In the course of my academic and professional pursuits,
having worked under the guidance of seasoned professionals and experienced
professors. I have realized that engineering is a holistic process,
encompassing complex principles across various fields in an environment full of
uncertainties. I recognized that in this composite world success in engineering
entrepreneurship requires possession of managerial skills along with technical
proficiency and creative intellect. Hence, working consciously towards building
dexterity in the determinants of success, and developing the ability to
understand sequential risks in the business world will help one to evolve as a
stellar entrepreneur. Thus, a Master’s degree in Engineering Management is the
logical advancement towards my passion. This graduate program will supplement
me the elements needed to establish a next-generation digital construction
organization. Functioning towards the research and development of smart and
sustainable living (by integrating AI with everyday life); digital
collaboration and mobility (for improving net efficiency); future-proof design
and construction (using smart materials and multidimensional printing
technology); high-definition surveying (using augmented reality); and 5D
Building Information Modelling, and I wish to deliver projects of the future.

Ever since my Bachelors, I have been looking for an
institute which can facilitate resources to help attain my ambitions.
Engineering Management Program at Dartmouth has the unique distinction of
providing a flexible and integrated course curriculum to a group of a
multi-cultural cohort. This collaborative program with hybridized
interdisciplinary courses, along with robust entrepreneurial electives will
provide me the essential theoretical framework to pursue my career interests. I
believe it will drive me towards achieving my passion for technological
entrepreneurship. Moreover, Thayer School of Engineering attracts me to its one
integrated personal community. I can foresee the opportunities at Dartmouth, to
challenge myself both socially and intellectually beyond boundaries, helping me
to grow as a versatile individual. Hence, I choose Dartmouth for my graduate
studies. Given an opportunity in the college, where all the doors are open, I
will strive my best to live up to the standards expected and will grind away
myself to make a difference. At Dartmouth, with the internship experience and
the chance to work under professors pragmatically, I hope to develop breadth
and depth of the theoretical knowledge with practical applications. This
hands-on experience will equip me with skills required in handling real-world
business challenges. Industrial engagement at Dartmouth, along with the
opportunity to interact with council members (at CCC) will enable me to
understand real-world issues and policies, which a?ect the climate for
innovation and start-up success around the world. Given a chance to be one
among the community of diversified persona, I will work towards cultivating my
idea on digital project collaborating and mobility platform (for uniting
design, schedule, performance, and budget management aspects of the project)
with the support from Dartmouth Entrepreneurship Network.

I believe Master of Engineering Management program and
the comprehensive experience at Dartmouth will help me become a complete person
both in terms of professional values and ethical virtues, transforming me not
just into a learner, but a contributor to the world. 


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