Wine of Astonishment Essay

Love equals life, Religion brings meaning to it, but politics complicates it. Does politics bring unity like how love does? Does love bring spirituality like how religion does? And why does politics bring corruption among ones that show love and spirituality? Three major aspects of life as seen in the novel The Wine of Astonishment by Earl Lovelace are: Religion, Politics and love. Religion plays an integral role in the lives of many in the novel and was the most controversial aspect. “Religion is to do right.

It is to love, it is to serve, it is to think, it is to be humble” Proclaimed- Ralph Waldo Emerson. The main religious person in the novel The Wine of Astonishment was Bee. Bee was a man of faith, patience, and a man of his people. He was the preacher for the Spiritual Baptist Church but this church was not liked by many as the spirit became free which was illegal and they were not liked also because of their excessive noise, this is why they were also called the “Shouters Baptist Church”. “But when the Holy Spirit comes to you, you will receive power” Acts 1:8.

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One instance in the novel where this can be justified and quoted is “It come, the Spirit…and it catch Bee up… it hold him up and walk him down from the pulpit to the centre post. ”(Chapter 4, Page 45) Bees Character showed his faith and he used his faith for his path of empowerment and with this he realizes that for the benefit of his people, he must wait and be patient until the injustice is lifted to preach again in the Spiritual Baptist way. Religion maybe a major part in the lives of many in Bonasse but Politics was always being questioned.

Why does it bring a sense of discomfort in Bonasee? The council before Ivan Morton was elected,was made up of whites only and so the voices of the citizens were not heard. Ivan Morton was elected by the people seeing that he went to school and was of a higher social status than them. He was to bring a change into the community, but he made no changes. Ivan Morton seemed to be the best candidate at the time to elect but after being elected he moved out of his father’s house and the citizens took this as an offense to say that he did not want to have anything to do with them, “No, No,No…It as as if Ivan Morton was saying to the world that the house his father leave him was nothing, and his father life was nothing and his mother was nothing. ”(Chapter 1,Page 10) Politics and Religion work hand in hand as it was after Ivan Morton was elected the Religious state of the community began to deteriorate, and this is why it is questioned as to why does politics bring corruption among those that show Spirituality? As Religion and Politics have been questioned and answered before, Love is shown in some minor aspects of the novel. The novel is told in the eyes of Eva and she is the backbone of Bee.

Bee is a preacher and most of all the backbone of the community. The theme love is present between Eva and Bee, as Eva shows love to him by encouraging and supporting him to be strong within the community. “Bee? Bee! Ain’t we always come through? … We is London…When the Germans was bombing London and the people use to say, London can take it…We is London. ” (Chapter 1, Page 15) Bee also shows love towards the citizens in his community as he tries to care about the felicity of his fellow civilians of Bonasse during the infelicity of the Political and Religious system of Bonasee.

These three themes showed me that One, Religion affects the non-religious and non-Spiritual, Two, the trouble with the government as it is, is that it really does not represent the people as it only controls them and Three, Love is an everlasting symbol, it is a souvenir and a promise. Religion, Politics and Love are three major phases in a persons’ life. Life has many solutions to a problem, but it is your decision as to how to answer it. This will delineate your caliber and your path in life.


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