Why should komla dumor die? Essay

Death Is an inevitable stage In life. Various scientific, social and religious explanations have been given to the definition of death. Scientifically, it can be defined as irreversible cessation of all vital functions especially as indicated by permanent stoppage to the heart, respiration, and brain activity, simply put, the end to elite. However, despite its explanations a common thing that runs through all Is the fact that the human entity or being ceasing to exist at a particular point in time.

The arcographs below will attempt to discuss or answer the question, why should Kamala Tumor die. To begin with, from the Christian perspective, the holy bible states clearly In Hebrews 9:27 that It is appointed for man to die once, and after death Judgment. This verse makes no exception to any man which includes Kamala Fake Tumor. At this point it is laudable to say that Kamala Tumor was a man who was capable of dieing and would have died at a point in time and thus answers the question why he should die. However, the unfortunate circumstances surrounding his demise make he news too much to bear for most people.

As a young man at 41, all would have expected him to live long, retired from his career, see his children through school and many other wonderful things but unfortunately death laid its icy hands on him on 1 8th January 2014 after he had suffered a cardiac arrest. Perhaps one may assert that Kamala heart failure resulted from stress and pressure from work. Evidence of this is seen in the text he sent to some close friends few days before his demise. In the text, he showed appreciation to God for how far he had gone in life and his rarer and then contrarily told of how stressed and exhausted he had become.

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This text clearly says kamala Tumor was overwhelmed but was putting in all he had to keep up. Len suggesting a point, one might say Kamala needed a break from work to attend to ailing health, but for such an ambitious young man, I believe Kamala was not willing to stop at anything than to achieve his goals which Is a good character exalted and worthy of emulation. Also, the cause of his death (cardiac arrest) can be another answer to the question above, A heart problem or failure is a condition that only a and full of people can survive. Unfortunately for Kamala he could not be counted among those few.

A research by Dry. Mace] Tomahawks, a Doctor in the university of Leister revealed that the male sex hormones – astraddle, estrogen, testosterone and interpretations – interacted with three major risk factors of heart disease (cholesterol, blood pressure and weight). They found that two of these sex hormones (astraddle and estrogen, called together estrogen) are linked to increased levels of bad cholesterol and low levels of good cholesterol In men. This suggests that certain ex hormones may be important risk factors of heart disease In men, even before cardiac problems symptoms are shown.

From the above explanations, it is possible that Kamala Tumor could have died from the above factor, but then certainly not a reason why he should die. From the above discussion, It can be concluded that no concrete reason can Justify why Kamala Tumor should die. However. It can be stated explained by inference that; All men are mortal tofu Kamala tumor is a mortal Therefore Kamala Tumor will die at a point in time. More to this point is what the bible also says about our life’s here on in in Hebrews 9:24.


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