Why Me? – Creative Writing Essay

It was a nice sunny, summer’s day in early July.

My friends and I were enjoying a great game of football during the lunch break. Suddenly I had an urge to visit the bathroom. As I was going, I went past Mrs. Smith’s classroom. She taught me English and she was a very good teacher. The door was ajar and the lock looked a bit ruined and messed up. I was starting to get worried, so I slowly walked towards the door to see what was going on. My blood rushed to my head I couldn’t hear anything and I felt isolated with an annoying scent going through my head making me feel sick, I broke a sweat above my brow. I heard whispers and I recognised a voice.

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It was Steven Johnson. He was a tough boy who loses his temper extremely easily. He was a skinhead with a scar going through his head diagonally downwards from right to left.

I noticed him doing something, the door squeaked, Steven saw me and I was amazed at what I just saw. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I saw Mrs. Smith’s bag open and Steven’s left hand in it. Steven shook up. He looked terrified and worried. His face went red and he started breathing heavily. He was also holding a purse in his other hand, which surprisingly had a lot of money in it. I was also wondering what Mrs. Smith was doing with all this money, but that wasn’t my concern at the moment. I was thinking why Steven needed the money because his family is very wealthy. He saw me and ordered me to walk quietly towards him. Boy was I scared. My stomach felt like it was ripped out and shredded into fine pieces. He whispered to me “Don’t tell anyone or else!” He also sounded like he meant it.

This was a problem I knew I couldn’t solve. Should I tell someone and do the right thing? Or should I just keep it to myself even though it was wrong?

I hate these types of situations.

This always happens to me, like the time last year, when I saw someone cheat in an end-of-year test. At that time I just kept it quiet but it was the wrong choice because he beat me and I couldn’t move up a set because of that and I didn’t want to make the same mistake again.

On the way home the weather changed drastically from a lovely, bright sunshine to a cloudy, dull rainfall. This was very much like my mood; I was happy until I so the incident and since then it changed to be a dull and sad day. I was also thinking of what to do, should I tell someone and face the dyer consequences or should I just keep quiet even though I know it is wrong.

The next day I saw Steven astonishingly with a brand new top of the range jumper which I know is expensive because I saw it in a shop and there was no point of asking my parents to buy it because I knew they were going to say no. He was leaning on his locker with his hand covering his fist and he was saying quietly “Do the right thing!”

After that, the event kept replaying through my mind and I still didn’t know what to do. Luckily, the next day was a half-day at school because it was the last day of half term and I knew I had time to make the correct decision.

Steven kept coming to my house in the morning like a postman asking if I had made up my mind up about what to do.

The half term holidays flew past and it was time to face Steven at school again. As I walked up the stairs to enter the school I heard a group of Steven’s friends talking. I heard that he had wrecked his dad’s Porsche and his dad was going to kill him after he came back from his vacation, and he needed the money to fix the car. I was actually starting to feel sorry for him and I would feel guilty if I told someone.

The next day I had finally came to a decision and I thought it was the right thing to do. I walked through the corridor of the English area and it looked like it was never ending. It was getting longer and narrower when at last I reached Mrs. Smith’s classroom and funnily enough I heard Steven talking to Mrs Smith and he sounded upset about something. I listened closer. Some how it sounded like he was telling Mrs. Smith what had happened. You could tell a lot by the tone of his voice, he was mumbling and shockingly, I thought he was crying as he was talking.

I was very impressed with Steven’s attitude to talk to the teacher, he needed a lot of guts to get through it.

And all that grief I went through was for nothing. And then I saw him give the jumper he had bought earlier to Mrs. Smith so she can get her money back and then gave she gave Steven money as a loan to fix his dad’s car but only if he told his parents everything that had happened during their holiday break and she wanted the money back because she was saving up money for her honeymoon.

It wasn’t a happy ending for Steven as he had a week’s detention and was grounded by his parents for a month.

I looked through the window; the dust blew away as the sun came out from behind the clouds, this was like my mood. The sadness whipped away as the happiness came out and all I wanted to do was to go outside and play some football

And if it couldn’t get better, a few weeks later school was out for 6 weeks of enjoyment.


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