Why did the Chinese writer Dai Quing spent 10 months in jail? Essay

The Three Gorges is a dam in construction it is meant to be constructed by the year 2009. It is being constructed in the river Yangtze one of the largest rivers in the world located in Asia. It is the worlds largest dam, it is supposed to control flooding, improve navigation and to provide hydro-electricity. It will be a very a very expensive project but it will bring a lot of benefits. The dam is going to stop the catastrophic and not so big floods that tend to occur in the region each century. In the last 20 centuries there has being a great flood at least. In the summer, when most of the tourism takes places, is when the river is probably going to flood. So the Chinese government wants to stop this because it puts in risk many people’s lives and with they will win a lot of things. Great doubts remain in this project because although there are many benefits there are also some big disadvantages.

Here is a map of the location of the Three Gorges Dam

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There are many advantages, it will bring hydro-electric power which is a renewable energy. This means that you can use it as long as you want. It is also very cheap and the dams are so huge that they will produce thousands of energy. For the economy this would be a big improvement because they will be able to supply a larger population of Asia with energy and provide with more cheap energy to the rest. It will also be an improvement for the environment, this energy is renewable so therefore it doesn’t pollute. Fossil fuels will slowly start to declaim and hydro-electricity will help to stop using them.

A great reservoir will be created and many houses will now have clean water. This will also provide safe navigation in the middle section of the river, were before huge droughts made it impossible. The economy will rise because many goods will be now able to be transported downstream and communications between countries will improve. This will also make the economy of the families rise because they will no longer have to pay insurance premiums because the flood risk will be stopped. This will allow them to use the money in other more important aspects.

As well as advantages there are disadvantages, for example the biggest is the economical cost, more than $75 billion. This is a lot of money for Asia and they need to ask for some money to the European Union or the USA. The reservoir will flood 600 km and it will cover many peoples houses. Also many historic sites will be covered by water and unforeseen changes will be caused to the river ecosystem. This huge reservoir will cover thousands of homes and a beautiful countryside so many people think that all this money should rather be used in smaller and numerous projects. This reservoir will cover a historic site and many people think tourism is going to be destroyed in this place.

Here is a photo of Dai Qing

showing his critical essays

towards the Three Gorges


Dai Quing is a Chinese writer and environmentalist he was put ten months in jail because she was shocked by the $30 billion-plus dam project and she published critical essays. Officially banned, illegal copies of those essays have circulated widely. Dai hopes her writing encourages people to speak out and avoid repeating past mistakes. He was put in jail because he encouraged people to go to the streets and shout some slogans.


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