Why Crossfit Essay

It is a sport that constantly pushes you to your limit. You might end up on your back on the gym floor afterwards, but the results are immaculate. Studies show that 98% of dedicated certificates are satisfied with the changes in their body and even changes in their personality (Ross). I once saw a story on Good Morning America about a woman who actually contemplated suicide because she was always teased in high school and college for her weight. She was in school one day and sat down next to a crossfire, and Just so happen to get on the topic of working out.

She had come so persuaded to start cross fit that she went in that night for a free trial class. It turns out that she stuck with the program lost a total of 85 pounds (probably more if you don’t count the muscle gain) and made her way to the widely known and watched Crossfire Games. She often thanks crossfire in the interview that if it wasn’t for the opportunity to change her lifestyle, she may not be here today. Also, it is rumored that because a woman participates in crosscut, that she will start to have a masculine look to her due to the muscle gain.

Though muscle gain does occur, you are still a Oman and will have a girlish figure, plus you will be extremely toned. The saying Is true, If you look good you feel good. An upcoming trend Is Crossfire Kids, a program that sets children up for success before they have even reached their first growth spurt. I didn’t understand why any child would want to work out for a sport, however, I shortly learned that they don’t do the high Impact workouts that their parents might be doing after a long day at work, but they actually play very active games the entire time that Include the weight training and cardiovascular aspects.

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Not only does this each children how to work with a team, but It Is actually beneficial for cognation (Marcela). Two years ago, BBC News reported on a special program that was being started at Naperville Central Middle School. Students were encouraged take part In a cross fit class at the beginning of the day, and had access to exercise bikes, bars. Weights, and balls. The results were far more than incredible. Those who participated Research has shown that after 30 minutes of active crosscut, students solve problems up to 10 percent more effectively (Wright).

Although it’s becoming more widely known hat physical activity has a direct result on brain function, many schools in the US are removing rather than improving their physical education programs. This could mean our youth isn’t as much blood flow to the brain as they could (Marcela). Though there are several benefits to crossfire, there are also some serious side effects that come along with pushing yourself to your limit. A story about 26 year old Robert Palmer became well known in the crossfire community.

He had a rough week to say the least. It started with squat presses and ring dips on Monday, 30 clean and Jerks of 135 mounds on Tuesday, and although his body felt like Jell and he could hardly move, he managed to return Wednesday to perform a total of 150 pull-ups and 150 burgees. He finally took a break on Thursday, rode his bike Friday, and by Saturday he found himself fully gowned and hooked up to an IV drip that flushed his kidneys with more than nine liters of saline in a hospital.

A normal person has a level of 250 creating kinas in their system, but palmer had over 40,000 in his body, causing the amount of muscle protein broken down to poison his blood stream. He declined at he pace of a snail, but he pulled out his phone to send a tweet to his friends, family and most importantly his team mates. With one flash of the camera, Palmer revealed the results of a kidney test, and gave them the caption: “Uncle Robbed, is that you? ” (Spookiest).

By Uncle Robbed, he’s referring to Irreproachably, a kidney condition most commonly diagnosed because of excessive exercise, according to Heather Gillespie, a sports medicine physician from UCLA. The potentially life- threatening state, which can also be caused by unknown genetics, occurs when cycle breaks down and mycologist, the byproduct of muscle fibers, is released into the blood stream, essentially clogging up the kidneys and poisoning them (Spookiest). Athletes of this sport need to ensure that they hydrate themselves properly and know when enough is enough on their body.

Any trainer will tell you that working out with improper form is incredibly unsafe. For this reason, proper form is stressed to no end in a crossfire gym. This is because you’re doing an extreme amount of different lifts and motions on a totally sporadic and random basis. The robber is, nobody actually uses proper form because they’re more worried about the time the clock reads once they’re done working out. Well, in case you were wondering, these people will have a numerable amount of bodily issues including herniated disks, torn muscles, and the most painful of them all, Joint displacement (Anderson).

People were dropping like flies in there due to their improper technique. It is important when doing crosscut that you practice and learn the correct technique so you’re not like all the other unsafe athletes that always strolls into the gym with a eating pad wrapped around a part of their body, and sits in the corner with a massive rubber band rehabbing their injured muscle. Many of these people will have zero cartilage left in their body by the age of fifty. Crossfire is the best and worst sport out there.

It has the intensity of a thousand bullets being shot as once, and the results are Just as amazing. Thanks to crossfire, you could be in the best shape of your life, be the strongest you’ve ever been in your life, it could save your life when you thought you weren’t worth anything, and your child could be in the best shape of his mom serious complications such as Irreproachably, a life threatening kidney problem that could KILL you, several pulled muscles, displaced Joints, and herniated disks all thanks to poor technique.


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