Whose Life Is It Anyway Essay

Definition of professionalism the standing, practice, or methods of a professional, as distinguished from an amateur. Professionalism is when a person is experienced that can do their Job well and do their Job no matter what, whatever the situation is. A that’s nice, but don’t let sister hear you say that. ‘ PI Nurse Kay is new to the hospital and ken is talking to her using sexual innuendo. They are getting to know each other for the first time.

B ‘ Ours was an objective, his subjective decision. ‘ APP Dry Scott talking to dry Emerson about if they should give him the Valid as ken is the nee getting affected. Dry Emerson is saying ken cannot know enough to challenge their clinical decisions. C I’m always warning my nurses not to get involved. ‘ APP Sister, nurse and dry Scott are talking. dry Scott and sister are talking about not letting the nurses get involved with ken Harrison but dry Emerson is as involved with ken as if he were his father.

Nurse comes into sisters office to report to her that she is finished, sister then asks her if she was running because she looked flushed as nurse Kay has Just escaped from Johns sexual innuendo and behaviors. D ‘Dry Emerson is as involved with Mr. Harrison as if he were his father. ‘ APP Same as above E ‘ you and the doctors with your appalling so called professionalism, which is nothing more than a series of verbal tricks to prevent you from relating to your patients as human beings. APP Ken shows his anger towards Mrs. Bayle the medical social worker as she tried to counsel him and he responded with anger as he thinks they all use the Same technique, if ken talks about some awkward then she Just ignores him and pretend he didn’t say anything at all. He thinks all the doctors are ‘the bloody same’ He says something offensive about her and she turns her reflections cheek. He thinks that if she was human she would treat him as a human. He thinks that she is the one that he has decided that life is not worth living. The exercise of her so called professionalism makes him want to die.

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F’…. We have to remain relatively detached in order to help… ‘app Mrs. Bayle is avoiding kens comment on her ‘ so called professionalism’. Same as above G detach yourself. Tear yourself off on the dotted line that divides the woman from the social worker… ‘ app Ken shows Mrs. Bayle his anger to her avoidance of his comment before. Anger to her answer of his comment. H the very exercise of your so called professionalism makes me want to die. ‘ APP Ken gets frustrated and angry at Mrs. Bayle as her Job as being professional makes ken feel less human and end his life.

I you called me ken. ‘ APP Dry Scott uses kens first name. J As I have a stainless steel heart, its easy to keep it sterilized of emotion. ‘ APP Seekers is sorry about kens situation and states that it must be sad for sister. But she replies that with her stains steel heart, it is easy for her not to feel any emotions her defenses. APP Dry Scott and ken talks about whether he upset sister. Dry Scott plies it probably past her defenses L she turns and moves to ken as if to kiss him. APP Dry Scott was about to kiss ken to say goodbye but ken pulls away and instead says Oh don’t but thank you.

Dry Scott smiles weakly and goes out. 3. The hospital staffs conduct and competency are very professional as it makes them keep their emotions together so they can do their Job easier without getting sad. Egg. I have a stainless steel heart, its easy to keep it sterilized of emotions We must remain relatively detached to help. Their attitude are also very professional and try to do their Job without putting any motions into ken. Their attitude towards kens life has pros and cons as they don’t listen and let him decide on his life as they force everything on him. Egg tranquillest. 4.

The career-patient relationship is Just like your my patient and I have to do everything to keep your life because its my Job and because otherwise I feel guilty. No real relationship between them. 5. It makes ken feel like ending his life and feel not fully human anymore because the doctors ignore him and he has not control over any decisions considering his life. Perhaps it makes him feel powerless. Their so allied professionalism makes him want to die and he thinks that their so called professionalism is Just a series of verbal tricks to prevent them from relating to their patients as human beings.

Egg if you were human if you treated me as human… Can’t you see this is why I have decided life isn’t worth living. 6. That sometimes is can make a person feel like they aren’t able to breath, treated not human as an object as they cannot decide and have no control over their life. It questions the audience whose life is it anyway. It makes them think who’s really is it. 2. A dry Emerson B Mr. hill C ken D dry Emerson E nurse or dry Emerson F ken G John I dry Scott or Mrs. Bayle J Mr. mil house 4.

Ken wins in the end for his decision of ending his life in dignity. Self actualization, some belonging news and love needs Esteem needs, safety needs and biological and physiological needs. The play suggest crucial elements of life are personal growth, safety needs,basic life needs and love needs are important The play reveals this by the different perspective of the characters, different characters suggest different things they find important. Egg Dry Emerson; biological and physiological needs, esteem needs…. Ken; self actualization.


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