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Who was Marie Antoinette? An elegant Queen who was the pride of France and a role model to her people, or a partying, ignorant woman with a life that would come to a disastrous end? Ever since Marie was 10 she always knew she would become a Queen. Her mother Maria Theresa, Empress of Austria, had arranged a marriage with Louis XVI (16th) who is to become the King of France and the man she was destined to marry. Together they would rule France and stay intertwined in marriage through thick and thin. The marriage between the two happened when Marie was only 15 and Louis was 19; it was also the first time the two saw each other. Marie Antoinette did lived a life of crime, gambling, and starting revolutions, which all turned into her gruesome death. (Achievements  ) Even at the beginning of her reign, Marie Antoinette was very unpopular because of her spending habits. This made her detested and despised since she made the taxes go up to pay for her enormous spendings. This made many poor and unable to pay for the staple in French cuisine and when Marie Antoinette heard about her subjects not having bread she said, ” Let them eat cake!” When many heard this they started to blame her for their countries unstable conditions and the country and crowns debt, as she spent too much on partying and her living quarters. And do never underestimate the power of what a scandal can do to your popularity, hence the diamond-necklace scandal.(Marie Antoinette)Many say that the French Revolution started when Marie betrayed France, during the war of Austria. Some also say that the only reason the Austrians defeated the French was that Marie was passing military secrets to her native Austrian country. This made many of her citizens turn on her and Mary Antoinette lost many citizens trust and faith. So after this trustless and faithless event, Marie Antoinette became an even more unpopular Queen than before, and after a while, the French became fed up and started the famous French Revolution. (Marie Antoinette )After the fall of the monarchy, on the 10th of August 1792. The dethroned Queen was imprisoned, alongside her husband, the dethroned king, their children and Marie’s sister-in-law, Madame Elisabeth. The prison was the Tower of the Temple. Later, after Marie’s husband, the dethroned king was sent to be guillotined. Then Marie was sent to the harsher La Force Prison, alone. There on the 21st of September 1792, she was stripped of her royal name and title and was given the name Capet, but the people called her Widow Capet. The next year, Marie was declared guilty and guillotined on the 16th of October 1793. This is how a series of events played to make a revolution and lead to a bloody death. ( Marie Antoinette)In the end, Marie Antoinette symbolizes  what was wrong with the old regime in French. The onus of having caused the financial problems of the nation that were placed on her shoulders, by the revolutionary tribunal. Also, under the new Republican ideas of what it was, and what it meant to be a nation and a member of a nation.  Her Austrian descent and continued correspondence with the competing nation, which made her a traitor in many people’s eyes. So the people of France saw her death and execution as a necessary step toward the completion and to furthermore show that the revolution had done its job. Even now, long after her death, she remains a major historical figure linked with conservatism, the Catholic Church, wealth, and fashion. She has been the subject of many books and films. Though some see her as the start of the French Revolution, many others recognize her qualities as a mother and the courage of her death.(Marie Antoinette)


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