Who Were The Mayans And What Lead To Th Essay

First of all, deforestation makes the most sense because the Mayans were a big civilization, abbey too big. The cities themselves were enormous. In article one the historian states: experts estimate it would have taken 20 trees to produce a single meter of city escape. ” If you have 20 square meters of a city you would have 400 trees gone. Now imagine thousands of square miles (there are over 1 ,608 meters per mile) for every city-state. The amount of trees being removed was enough to change the environment for the worst.

Fewer trees meant less solar radiation being absorbed, less water was being evaporated, more oil erosion, less food production, less fuel for heat and cooking and, eventually, the capacity of the land could not support the cities and its civilization. These are some of the reasons why deforestation is the theory that makes the most sense. My second choice is the Civil Strife Theory which describes how the Mayans collapsed. Civil strife is basically overpopulation, food shortages and civil unrest or revolt.

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The scarcity and chaos of civil unrest could eventually lead to complete collapse. Researchers have found evidence u porting the theory that sea levels rose during the time of the Mayans causing overpopulation when the coastal cities and their populations were forced inland. Overpopulation could have caused the cities to have food shortages, which could have led to revolts against the leaders. Civil Strife Theory could be another possible reason the Amman civilization fell. In conclusion, the Mayans were a civilization that arose between 300 AD and 900 AD.

It was a civilization with many religious and ritualistic levels and also a lot of wealth and complexity. It is a mystery as to why it collapsed. Believe that the fall of the Mayans was mainly because of deforestation or civil strife, or a combination of both. Deforestation is my first choice because the cities themselves were too large and they used too many trees too quickly. Civil strife is very likely to have happened also, especially with the sea levels rising forcing the coastal dwellers to move inland and overpopulate those cities.


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