Who Burma, bordering majority Muslim Bangladesh, are

Who are the Rohingya and where are they

Rohingya have often been called the most
persecuted minority in the world. The 1.1 million Rohingya Muslims squeezed
precariously into the north-west state of Rakhine, in mainly Buddhist Burma,
bordering majority Muslim Bangladesh, are stateless and unwanted.

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Neither country will give them citizenship even though
their families’ roots in modern-day Rakhine, once called Arakan, can be traced
back to the Eighth Century. 



How are they being persecuted?

Rohingya Muslim are an ethnic minority in Myanmar.Since
Augest 2 2017,about 420,000 Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh(Neighboring
country of Myanmar).Rohingya are called as the worlds most persecuted minority
by the UN.Among them,one group removes another ethnic or religious community
through violence.From past to now/present Rohingya people are being persecuted,so
its not a new issue.Some researches say about Rohingya people that they are
being tortured till then.In 1948,their country got independence.



How many have they fled?

Since August 25, than 500,000 Rohingya Muslims had
fled from Myanmar’s Rakhine state. From this indiscriminate violence of the
Myanmar military , the Rohingya people were trying to flee away. Even now
Myanmar authorities have accepted that about 176 out of 471 villages of
Rohingya are empty.

That brutal, sustained campaign seems to be
working. On Thursday, up to 63 Rohingya
refugees — many of them
women and children — appear to have drowned when their boat capsized en route
to Bangladesh. Only 23 bodies were recovered.




What does the Myanmar say about the

Aung San Suu Kyi has broken her silence on the
Rohingya crisis in Myanmar, delivering a speech denounced as a “mix of untruths
and victim-blaming” by Amnesty

By the UN, after a military crackdown upon the
Rohingya Muslim minority ,she made her first public address “a textbook example
of ethnic cleansing”. The army wasn’t criticized by the Nobel laureate. Even
though she said that she didn’t have any fear of international forums. She also
includes that Myanmar doesn’t have the fear of international investigations as
a responsible member of community.

 “There have been
allegations and counter-allegations … We have to make sure those allegations
are based on solid evidence before we take action,” she said in her speech from
the capital.

the country’s Muslim minority, a point
disputed by those who have fled the violence.



What does Bangladesh
say about Rohingya?

The violence
in Myanmar is called as ethnic cleansing. After attending the UN general
Assembly session. Our prime minister made a statement on her returning from New
York at Dhaka airport.




What does international community say
about Rohingya?

Protesters have at times gathered in cities in Pakistan, India, Thailand,
Indonesia, and Bangladesh to condemn the
killing and persecution of Rohingya. In September 2017, Bangladesh’s foreign
minister condemned the violence in
Rakhine as “genocide” and Indonesia has called on the Myanmar authorities
to halt their campaign and bring
an end to the violence. Eventually the government of south-east Asian made a
establishment which is legal for the refugees to protect their rights. But
there was ten members from the Association of South-East Asian Nations(ASEAN)
who didn’t corporate to that intense crisis. Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and
Thailand-those all are the members of ASEAN. Those didn’t give any approval to
the UN Refugee Convention or its protocol. Because of ASEAN’s own principle
(not to interfere in each other’s internal affair), it kept silence on the
misery of Rohingya people and on the growing numbers of asylum seekers in
member countries.

What is the ARSA?

The Arakan
Rohingya Salvation Army (Arsa), the militant group which tipped Myanmar’s
Rakhine state into a crisis, on Sunday (Sept 10) declared a unilateral
ceasefire until Oct 9.

attacks by Arsa began on Aug 25, provoking weeks of operations by Myanmar’s
troops and police which have sent around 300,000 Rohingya fleeing to

A further
27,000 ethnic Rakhine Buddhists are internally displaced as the state is once
more devoured by communal violence and religious .


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