Who Am I Now? Essay

College has defiantly been an inpact on me and who I am. I love being here and having all the freedom in the world. I have been through a couple rough spots in college because of myself. I think being through some of those rough spots in college is customary to first year students. My academic success was the hardest thing for me here because I don’t have anyone breathing down my neck to get my homework done. I also get distracted so easily and I am such a procrastinator and when you put them together you don’t get something good.

When I usually get an assignment I put it off till the day before of the day of just because I think something else is better to do. I usually have a hard time writing papaers so I try and put them off till the last second and then I will usually call my brother to help with them because I have such a hard time putting my words onto paper. So I try to avoid writing a paper until I absolutely have to. That’s a definite no. I have learned that I am not a big note taker.

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In high school never took notes; it was simple enough to remember what my professors had said only because I had known them for four years and adapted to the way they taught. Here it’s so much different. Each professor has their own way of doing things, and that makes it hard to find one way to study that will work for each of your classes. Taking this class has helped me tremendously. I know how I learn and how to apply it to each professor no matter what their teaching preferences. I also know where I can go for help in any area of study. I especially needed the writing center for papers.

I have not yet put my plan into motion for any career. I first came to Kirkwood having the mind set of being an auto technican but then I found myself thinking that it was more of a hobby then a job for me. I love attending Kirkwood I think that it’s an amazing school and I think that the people that attend here will go far. I Think next year I want to start some kind of schooling that has to do with being a fire fighter. I have always been told when I was growing up that I look and act like a fire fighter because all I wanted to do in life was help people.

I think that me becoming a fire fighter would be good for me and that I could really make a career out of it. I think that the schooling is going to be a little difficult for me but I think with the help of friends, family and the faculty of Kirkwood, that I will be able to succeed with my major and move on. Coming to college has been a huge step for me. When I first wrote my Who Am I paper I talked a lot about coming from different schools and my difficulty with learning. Well it showed a lot of my first semester sort of showed how hard it really can be for me.

But I’m not going to let my first semester grades get in the way of my achievement. My brother his first year of college wasn’t the best either and he always told me that no matter what don’t let your first semester grades get in the way because it doesn’t show what kind of student you are. I took that to heart because I don’t think this is the kind of student that I am. I know that I can do better and that I can achieve with the grades I want so I can show my family that I can actually succeed.


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