White Castle Whisky Sample Essay

The Filipino market has ever enjoyed the first quality that Destileria Limtuaco merchandises have been known for. The distillery is proud of its broad scope of distilled liquors and alcoholic drinks like an expert blended and produced with the highest grade of fabrication excellence. backed by 5 coevalss of maestro liquidizers. the finest spirits shapers in the Philippines. For over 150 old ages. Destileria Limtuaco’s first-class trade name portfolio consists of distilled liquors. whiskeies. brandies. gins. rums. vodkas. tequilas. cocktails. herb tea and sweet vinos. and the original medicative vinos. These merchandises are produced purely following particular fabrication procedures and well-guarded expression developed by the maestro liquidizers. making exceeding merchandises of superior gustatory sensation and quality that satisfies the faultless gustatory sensation of Filipinos and connoisseurs the universe over. By researching this web site. you’ll happen out the reply why Destileria Limtuaco became known as “The Oldest Distillery in the Philippines” . White Castle Whisky

PRODUCT Name: White Castle 5 Years Old Whisky
The Philippines most august whiskey and one of the ground tackle merchandises of Destileria Limtuaco. Blended and aged to flawlessness in oak barrels. it has a smooth. racy gustatory sensation plus its cogent evidence. olfactory property and aureate color… guarantees no katzenjammer. Selling Proposition:

White Castle 5 old ages old is a premium yet competitively priced whiskey. comparable in gustatory sensation to many imported trade names. Consumers get true value for money. An icon in the local spirits industry. the merchandise was promoted and built around the advertisement construct of the White Castle miss. a beauty in a ruddy Bikini siting a white Equus caballus amidst a White Castle. Exported to many states around the universe.

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Available in 4 sizes:
700ml bottle / 12 bottles per instance
375ml bottle / 24 bottles per instance
187. 5ml bottle / 36 bottles per instance
50ml illumination bottle / 12 bottles per battalion
4. 5L mini oak barrels
80 Proof / 40 % alc. by vol.
| PRODUCT Name: White Castle Calibre 69 Whisky|
| PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: A alone discrepancy of the traditional White Castle 5 Years Old Brand and another quality merchandise of Destileria Limtuaco. Blended with imported malts and kernels. aged in oak barrels to guarantee a smooth. clear gustatory sensation and an olfactory property of a truly all right whiskey. | | Selling Proposition: * White Castle Whisky Calibre 69 is the lone low-cost Philippine whiskey in the market. * Comes in a new modern and sophisticated bundle. Sleek bottle design that’s easy to grip. vivacious black and gilded label with fiting aluminium closing & A ; comes with a fictile pourer to forestall spills. * Blended with imported ingredients. guaranteed to give consumers the entire satisfaction of a smooth savoring whiskey with no katzenjammer. * Competitive monetary value. truly a good value for money. * Exported to many states in the part. Available in 3 sizes: Easy-to-grip streamlined molded bottles. * 700ml bottle / 12 bottles per instance * 350ml bottle / 24 bottles per instance * 187. 5ml bottle / 36 bottles per instance 69 Proof / 34. 5 % alc. by vol. | Television COMMERCIALS

Long before advertisement took up the construct of holding plot lines. Mr. Julius Limpe already had in his head the secret plan of White Castle Whisky ad. And it would be like a fairy narrative. complete with a palace with a red-roofed turret. a white thoroughbred. and of class. a princess. in a ruddy Bikini. The first princess was a immature grl straight out of Forbes Park. Sylvia Lichauco. girl of an embassador. In Limpe’s storyboard. the princess decides to take her white Equus caballus for a bare-back drive on the beach where three work forces take a illusion to the princess. To evade the work forces. the princess turns the Equus caballus about back to the palace but in an attempt to halt the chase. she takes out of a pouch a bottle of White Castle Whisky and drops it in the sand. True plenty. the work forces turned their focal point on the bottle.

Destileria Limtuaco has been in the Filipino spirits industry for over 150 old ages. To beef up Destileria Limtuaco’s merchandise run. hoardings were produced.


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