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When first drafting the American constitution the Framers are believed to have added some of the best features to the constitution, including the separation of powers. The separation of power is an important part of maintaining the three branches which are legislative, executive, and judicial in the government systems equal to each other and that no branch is too powerful. Every single branch has its own limited power and duties to serve the people of the U.S. and government. All three branches play a crucial role in checks and balances and the separation of powers in our government and rely on one another to make sure that all of the power is equally distributed to the branches. This idea dilutes the power of the American government, the center concept of the system of checks and balances is that no one branch of government can get out of control without being put in check by the other powers. For example, if the president starts to act on a dictator or type of king leadership, he or she can be impeached by congress. This also follows if congress starts trying to pass multiple laws that are unconstitutional, those laws can be turned down or reformed by the supreme court. One branch, the legislative, is run by congress which includes the house of representatives and the senate. One of the biggest responsibility of the legislative branch is to make laws, the executive branch is controlled by the president and the president enforces laws and shows new ones, has veto power and is in control of the Armed Forces. The judicial branch is run by the supreme court, the power the judicial branch has is to go over the Constitution and review different laws. Judges, lawmakers, and executive officers typically prefer not to have major disagreements with the other branches of government. These confrontations can be avoided usually by altering their own policies before reaching to a point of clash. James Madison said that “In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place, oblige it to control itself.” He wanted to clarify that he believed their most important action in preventing the rise of despotism in America was to divide the higher powers of government among the three branches.     The process where laws are formulated is a helpful example of Checks and Balances. The legislative branch first proposes a bill, then the bill is voted on by Congress and sent to the executive branch. The president will make the decision whether or not the bill will improve our country in its current state and fulfill the needs of the people. If the U.S. president believes the bill is a good and contributing idea he/she will sign the bill, and then it becomes a new law. But if the president does not think that the bill will be helpful for the United States he will veto the bill. Although, if the legislative branch thinks that the particular bill presented should become a law, they also have the option to over rule the president’s veto. The bill then gets sent back to the legislative branch and if a fraction of the group agrees, this will override the president’s veto and the bill will then become a law. Once the bill has become a new law, Americans can test out the laws in the courts, which are run by the judicial branch. A person can file a lawsuit if they think a law is not constitutional or what have you. It is then the judicial branches requirement to listen to all sides of the story and determine if it truly is constitutional or not. All three branches of government are focused in law making and enforcing the process. This is why the responsibilities of laws are balanced and not placed in the hands of a single branch. The system of checks and balances lets each branch of the government have a voice in how the laws are made and presented.    The legislative branch has power to make laws and to run checks over the executive branch. The legislative branch also has the power to remove the U.S. president from office, this can only be done if they think the president is not doing his/her job properly. This process is called impeachment. The legislative branch also has “the power of the purse”, which is how they have control how money is spent in the government. Another power the legislative branch has over the executive branch is that the Senate can approve presidential treaties. The executive branch also has the power over the judicial branch to remove a judge, and approves the appointments of the particular judges. The Senate and the House of Representatives create the Legislative branch of the American government. “The Senate has 100 members, exactly two from each of the 50 states; and the House of Representative has 435 members, representing the various districts of the American population (the more populous places get more representatives).” According to aubern.edu.  Together, they determine if certain bills should be laws to protect the rights of the people.     If the government did not have this system the different branches of government would not be able to work in unison to maintain a reliable government. If one branch of government had total control or more control over another branch it would not be constitutional and the system could become a dictatorship. The American Constitution is made for and by the people’s rights and equally over the United States, there would be many issues if there was not a system of separation of powers. The government is divided into different branches which each control different parts of the government, the system of checks and balances keeps these three branches in government in cooperation and balance the lives of the American people. It allows branches to update on the other two to make sure that the power is equally distributed between the three. I believe this is a helpful and strategic concept to let each of the other branches check one another.


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