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What Is Valentine’s Day Valentine’s day, also named as Saint Valentine’s day and Feast of Saint Valentine is celebrated on 14th of February every year. This day has been associated with love and romance, many people express their feelings, thoughts and aspirations to their love ones. For this purpose Valentine’s greeting cards,flowers, chocolates and many other colorful gifts are presented and special candle light dinners, meals and private meetings are also arranged to get the regards and affection.History Of Valentine’s DayThe Saint Valentine’s Day is a Western Christian ritual in which one or more ancient saints named Valentinus are honored. There are many martyrdom stories connected to Valentine’s day, the most popular story is about the Roman saint named Valentine.The Roman army was one of the strongest armies of the that time, they conquered many parts of the world. When the emperor Claudius II realized that his soldiers prefer to spend time with their families rather then fighting all the times in the battlefield, he made a law that the soldiers of the his army would not be allowed to get married.The saint Valentine made secret arrangements for the soldiers to get married and told them that their marriages would be kept secret from the Emperor. When Claudius II was told about the secret marriages he sentenced the saint to death. While Valentine was in prison the jailer’s blind daughter (Asterius) used to bring him the food. According to the story Asterius was healed by Valentine and before execution a farewell letter was written and signed “Your Valentine”. Many people believe that this letter was the first “Valentine’s Card ” written for the daughter of the jailer Asterius who was no longer blind.Celebration Of Valentine’s Day The day of 14th February was first associated with romantic love, in 14th century this tradition was flourished and in 18th century this tradition was evolved (developed gradually ) into a occasion by England. This occasion is celebrated in many countries in different ways. The most common way is to present flowers, Valentine greeting cards and gifts.In Europe Saint Valentin’s Keys are presented to the lovers to unlock the heart of the key giver. The children also take part in the celebration, the symbols used for this occasion are doves, heart shaped outline, roses and Roman deity. The Valentine’s day is also celebrated in some church in the honor of Roman Saint.


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