What skills should a manager have, especially one in a shopping center? Essay

What skills should a manager have, especially one in a shopping center?

            A manager is the person responsible for directing and coordinating the activities and responsibilities of a team of people in order to achieve a set of objectives or goal.  Successful management rests on three basic skills: technical skill or knowledge of the job; human or interpersonal skill; and conceptual or the ability to see things in a nutshell.

            A manager, particularly one in a shopping center, must acquire skills relevant to retailing since department store operations fall under this sector.  Retail is highly complex.  It involves display, merchandising and customer service.  The manager must know the merchandising flow in order to keep the store’s display updated and complete.  The manager should also have an eye for detail and aesthetics.  Visual merchandising is an art that the manager must at least be knowledgeable about.  More importantly, the shopping center manager must know and practice excellent customer service.  He or she should be able to clearly define and set benchmarks on how customer service will be done in the store.

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            Equally important to a manager is his or her human skills.  This means the ability to work with people, understand their needs and potentials, and motivate them to perform with gusto.  A shopping center manager could be handling hundreds of employees with diverse personalities.  The manager must have the ability to make these people enjoy their work and work well with one another.

            Finally, a manager must have the ability to think of the business as a whole.  In retail, one shopping center could be part of a chain of stores.  A manager of one shopping center must align his or her store’s visions and objectives with that of the organization as a whole.  That person must be able to choose which course of action to take given conflicting choices.


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