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What is the meaning of life ?What is life? And why do we live? Almost everyone will ask themselves these questions at some point in their life. There are days when I would be sitting, and I would suddenly find myself thinking about “life”. Why are we here? What is the purpose of life? and How did it all start? Having the answers to most, if not all, these questions in the Quran, I tend to think about these questions out of curiosity. What pushed the start of life, or in other words what was the reason? What are we doing in this place and where are we going to go? Is there more to this sequence than living and dying, just to leave behind a home and everything you own? How did we get here, and who flawlessly formed us so perfect from dirt and water? And what happens when we really go? Just thinking about one question opens many other questions. And while sitting alone I would go deep in my thought and try to think about everything I question, and what will happen we when go. From where did all this series come? For everything has its roots, a manufacturer, a originator of its own. Allah, the inventor of everything along with every single soul. There is more to this cycle than growing and getting old. And our purpose is to worship him, and not allow the world to distract us with its vanities. There is more than getting up every morning, and going with the flow. Making as much money as we can, and trying our best not to be penniless. Many duplicating everything they see on television, from hairstyles to the clothes. And learning to live a life of drugs, sex, and neglect. I find this type of thinking very relaxing and rewarding. To simply go beyond the type of thinking I have been taught for years, and try to answer my own questions. To connect all the pieces to get the complete puzzle, I would look for the evidence that answer my questions. However, this cycle of thinking about life is inevitable. It is like a door that leads to many other doors. Like I stated above, thinking about one question opens a whole new set of other questions.There are countless opportunities provided in college, and not offered at many other places. Throngs of people with divergent views and outlooks on life populate colleges. Making connections, and sharing our views, we have the opportunity to expand our knowledge. Meeting others from diverse backgrounds, and listening to their different views and values. This would allow me to socially and intellectually grow. I would very much appreciate to listen to their thoughts on things that interest me and things that interest them. Their thoughts and views could be that missing piece to the puzzle, or that key to the closed door.


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