?What is an educated Filipino Essay

The construct of instruction and of what an educated adult male is varies in response to cardinal alterations in the inside informations and purposes of society. In our state and during this passage phase in our national life, what are the qualities which an educated adult male should possess?

Great alterations have taken topographic point in the nature of our societal life during the last 40 old ages. The contact with Americans and their civilisation has modified many of our ain societal imposts, traditions, and patterns, some for the worse and many for the better. The agencies of communicating have improved and hence better understanding exists among the different subdivisions of our state. Religious freedom has developed spiritual tolerance in our people. The growing of public schools and the constitution of democratic establishments have developed our national consciousness both in strength and in solidarity.

With this growing in national consciousness and national spirit among our people, we witness the corresponding rise of a new construct of instruction – the preparation of the person for the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship, non merely for his ain felicity and efficiency but besides for national service and public assistance. In the old yearss, instruction was a affair of private concern ; now it is a public map, and the province non merely has the responsibility but it has the right every bit good to educate every member of the community – the old every bit good as the immature, adult females every bit good as work forces – non merely for the good of the person but besides for the self-preservation and protection of the State itself. Our modern public school system has been established as a precaution against the defects and dangers of a democratic authorities and democratic establishments.

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In the visible radiation of societal alterations, we come once more to the inquiry: What qualities should separate the educated Filipino of today? I venture to propose that the educated Filipino should foremost be distinguished by the power to make. The Oriental excels in brooding thought ; he is a philosopher. The Occidental is the actor ; he manages things, work forces and personal businesss. The Filipino of today needs more of his power to interpret contemplation into action. I believe that we are coming more and more to the strong belief that no Filipino has the right to be considered educated unless he is prepared and ready to take an active and utile portion in the work, life, and advancement of our state every bit good as in the advancement of the universe.

The power to make embracings the ability to bring forth adequate to back up oneself and to lend to the economic development of the Philippines. Undoubtedly, a adult male may be, and frequently is, an efficient manufacturer of economic goods and at the same clip he may non be educated. But should we see a adult male who is absolutely unable to back up himself and is an economic load to the society in which he lives every bit educated simply because he possesses the superficial graces of civilization? I hope that no 1 will understand me as stating that, the lone mark of economic efficiency is the ability to bring forth material goods, for utile societal engagement may take the signifier of any of any of the valuable services rendered to society trough such establishments as the place, the school, the church and the authorities. The female parent, for illustration, who prepares wholesome repasts, takes good attention of her kids and trains them in ethical motives and right behavior at place, renders efficient service to the state every bit good as the solon or the captain of industry.

I would non do the power to make the concluding and lone trial of the educated Filipino ; but I believe that in our present state of affairs, it is cardinal and basic. The educated Filipino, in the 3rd topographic point, must hold ingrained in his address and behavior those elements that are everyplace recognized as concomitants of civilization and morality ; so that, possessing the capacity for ego – amusement and survey, he may non be at the clemency of the pleasance of the senses merely or a load to himself when entirely.

There are, so, at least three features which I believe to be the grounds of the educated Filipino – the power to make, to back up himself and lend to the wealth of our people ; familiarity with the world’s advancement, particularly with that of his race, people, and the community, together with love of our best ideals and traditions ; and refined manners and moral behavior every bit good as the power of growing.


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