What is a Hero? Sample Essay

What is a Hero? When people are asked this inquiry they tend to travel right to a military response. “A soldier in combat that goes supra and beyond. put on the lining. and sometimes giving. their lives to salvage others” . I believe this comes to play from the actions happening on September 11. 2001 when America’s position of gallantry changed from superheroes to soldiers. firemen and police officers. But are soldiers. firemen and policemen the lone heroes? Do you hold to be in combat. or run into firing edifices to be considered a hero? The reply to this is no. This is merely one illustration of a hero. People’s position of a hero varies greatly. A child’s hero may be a amusing book superhero. a strictly fanciful character. while a adolescent may take a celebrated histrion or instrumentalist. What causes this pick? Many factors may play a function in how a individual sees a hero. It may be they are seeing the “hero” as a function theoretical account they can look up to when times are unsmooth. Or as person who is ever there protecting the inexperienced person from force as found in superhero amusing books.

Do you have to hold world powers or unbelievable endowment to be a hero? While some people may believe so. let’s expression at the obscure heroes like the instructor who may travel out of their manner to help a pupil to understand a topic. or the parent who reschedules an of import meeting at work so they can go to a child’s drama at school. They have no world power or unbelievable endowment. but to the pupil who was successful in his category the instructor is a hero. And the kid. whose parent put household in front of calling. instilled a sense of precedence that the kid can emulate throughout life. So what makes a hero? A individual who puts others foremost. is unselfish. a leader. and is low are all traits of a hero. Marine sergeant Dakota Meyer. the latest Decoration of Honor receiver. insists he is non a hero. Tobin. M. ( 2011. September 15 ) .

Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta. America’s first life receiver of the Medal of Honor since the Vietnam War. says the heroic actions he undertook in Afghanistan are every bit courageous as what every American soldier experiences twenty-four hours in and twenty-four hours out during their Tourss of responsibility in that state. Martinez. L. ( 2010. September 13 ) . Both of these work forces have received the highest award for gallantry. and yet they both humbly say they did nil heroic. While Staff Sergeant Salvatore and Sergeant Meyer are the prototype of gallantry. we must non overlook all of the other heroes that we encounter every twenty-four hours. Heroes aren’t all celebrated like the film stars or athletes. or placed in the life endangering places of the soldiers. firemen and police officers. Some heroes are merely ordinary people who have the bravery. finding. willingness and unselfish desire to assist person who is in demand. The instructor who stays tardily to coach. the male parent who works excess displacements to assist purchase a particular gift or cover a demand of a household member. or the individual who stops when you are stranded in the rain are all heroes every bit good.

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