What goes around, comes around Essay

“Nice shot!” exclaimed Andy, as the ruler flicked across the classroom and landed on the victim’s head. The whole class erupted in to fits of laughter. “Hey Loser! Aren’t you going to give my ruler back?” said Sean Parker smugly.

“That was a good one, buddy!” said Rick while giving his classmate a high five.

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“Rick come here a second and look at this!” motioned Andy, Rick’s twin brother.

And so another usual Monday morning began for the pupils at Werner High school. Stevie sat subdued, his arms folded and his homework set out neatly in order of lesson in front of him. He was oblivious to whatever was going on around him, he couldn’t see Sean and Danni chatting intimately in the corner, or Andy and Rick laughing at a comic strip, and all he could see was the ruler in front of him.

From grade 3, he had been a victim of the class, always bullied never acknowledged. He never retaliated but always took whatever the perpetrators threw at him. He inhaled deeply and pushed his chair back slowly. Then he walked softly over to Sean and placed the ruler on his desk.

“I’m sorry Sean” he murmured trying to draw as little attention to himself as possible. He walked away without waiting for a reply. “Oi you! Come here” bellowed Sean, turning to face the terrified Stevie.

“Who gave you permission to talk?” asked Sean with a cruel grin on his face.

“I, er, umm, erm, I…” stuttered Stevie not knowing what to say.

“Next time you want to speak, you ask my permission, understand Loser?” remarked Sean.

Danni faced Sean and pushed his face to look at hers, her grey eyes were sparkling and her beautiful ebony hair was pulled back into a high ponytail. “Stop it Sean” she announced. “That’s enough” and then turning to face Stevie she said “it’s alright Stevie, don’t say sorry.”

Stevie was astounded, he walked away with a secret smile on his face that nobody but he could understand. He reclined in his chair and folded his arms, Wow he thought, I like that girl. As soon as the thought crossed his mind he shook his head and closed his eyes. Danni and Sean were going out for ages and he would never let anyone else interfere, unless they wanted to be hurt badly.

Sean hugged Danni and ignoring Stevie; he walked out the classroom and shut the door behind him. Danni walked up to Stevie and grabbed a chair from a nearby desk. She pulled it towards his table and sat down facing him. Her hair was lustrous and shiny. She was by far the prettiest girl in the year. Stevie still looked down, not daring to gaze into her twinkling eyes. She started off by reaching over and holding his hand. “I’m sorry Stevie, for the way everyone is treating you” she said still holding his hand. “I wish I could do more to stop them, but they will carry on doing this to you.” She paused and then continued slowly. ” Just remember one thing, no matter how much pain you suffer, one day things will go right for you, sometimes it may not seem as though life is worth living but see it through to the end, face your fears, and you will succeed!” she said and then calmly got up and left the classroom

Stevie remembered the sincere look on her face when she left the room, and with that thought on his mind he packed away his belongings and followed her out the door. From that day onwards Stevie was a new person, he didn’t mind what his classmates said or did he always smiled and took it.

Three years later it was their final prom and all of the 11th grade students were going to attend. Stevie had remained the calm, tolerant boy that he had always been while Sean had turned into a bigger fool that he already was. His belligerence was well known throughout the school and the teachers were waiting for the moment he would leave. However he was still with Danni, and she had grown to be even more celestial than before. Her grey eyes had gone a shade deeper, giving her a mysterious look, and her black hair had grown longer making her seem like an angel. Stevie kept her close to his heart and he never forgot the act of kindness she had shown him all those years back.

The awaited day arrived, and the whole class was buzzing with excitement, in the back seats Stevie could hear Sean making arrangements with Danni and Andy and Rick talking to their dates for the prom. “I’ll pick you up at seven, yeah honey?” said Sean pushing his hair back while looking in a mirror. “Uh-huh and don’t be late Sean, I know how you are!” replied Danni smiling cheekily. Stevie gazed at her in awe, he was mad about her but he couldn’t show her how he was feeling. Later that evening the streets of the city were crowded with other school pupils making their way to the Final Prom. Stevie put on his suit and walked to the school gates, he had no date but he decided to go anyway. He entered the hall and was surprised by the chaos that lay there.

The music was pumping and students gesticulated wildly on the dance floor. Everyone had a partner or was chatting in groups. There was an element missing and everybody was waiting for the arrival of Sean and Danni. Suddenly the music stopped and in came the couple. They dazzled the whole hall and everyone gasped. Sean smiled and roared in his giant voice “let’s get this party started!” he let go of Danni’s hand and went to go meet his friends. Danni held her head high and walked over to the drinks area. She was wearing a black satin dress with a tiara in her hair, the sandals she wore were encrusted with diamante’s which shone in every direction. She looked amazing and was the envy of every girl in the school.

That night went by quickly as ever, Stevie only once got up from his place to get a drink before rushing back to his seat where he would observe without being noticed. Stevie turned round feeling the draught from a door on his neck. There in the moonlight was Sean and Kerry kissing slyly behind Danni’s back. Stevie was amazed and he didn’t know what to do, but he needn’t have worried because the school gossip was behind him and she saw what had happened. She shrieked and ran to Danni who was chatting to her friends. Danni looked crest-fallen and all Stevie wanted to do was console her. However Danni did not let this ruin her evening, she was not as petty as that. She walked up to Sean and tapped him on the shoulder, he turned to face her and drawled “hey gorgeous, you alright?” She simply nodded and said two straight words before walking away calmly. “It’s over” said Danni showing no emotion what so ever.

She walked out of the hall and sat on a bench nearby. Stevie crept out of the hall and walked up to where she was seated. Danni turned and looked at Stevie with tears in her eyes. All Stevie could do was to hold her and tell her everything was going to be fine. After she was consoled, Danni looked at Stevie straight in the eye, and promised him that she would never forget what he had done for her.

Graduation day passed and Stevie qualified with distinction. Sean on the other hand failed bitterly and was left in despair. When he left the gates of Werner High for the last time he looked back, and watched. Slowly a tear drop ran down his face and landed on the ground beside him. He smiled turned away and walked on to a new part of his life.

Slowly but surely Stevie Millport was making it to riches. He was now the chief executive of a multi national technology company in the city. He was happily married and had two children. He still continued to be as composed and nonchalant as before but now he had responsibility he was thriving. He retuned that evening to his large manor house. As he turned the key in the lock he smiled and anticipated what was behind. There stood his beautiful wife and kids waiting for him by the door. He reached and picked up both children kissing them lovingly before setting them down and telling them to wash for dinner.

He hugged his wife and walked hand in hand to the kitchen where the table lay set out for their meal. “Peter, Laura!” shouted Stevie calling his kids to eat with him. They rushed down the stairs and skidded across the hallway before seating them-selves at the dinner table. “Have you washed you hands?” inquired their mum smiling joyously. “Danni! I’m sure they have!” said Stevie tucking into his meal hungrily.

The happily married couple were the same Stevie and Danni from Werner High school where they had met all those years back.

The weeks passed into months and years went by just as rapidly. One day at Stevie’s work a person arrived looking for a job. A young man was at the reception desk. He had cropped blonde hair and striking blue eyes, but he looked down, and tired. He signed in and was ushered to the first floor where Stevie’s office was. He was applying for the PA vacancy and was interested in being the assistant for the chief executive. Stevie invited him in kindly and offered him a seat. The conversation started almost immediately.

“I understand you know my father” said the man nervously.

“Yes, we are good friends, your father and I are business partners.” Replied Stevie, smiling. He did not tell the young man that his father had begged Stevie to give him the job, because of his in-ability to find work elsewhere. He had no qualifications and had a rocky life before.

“You have a resume, I presume?” said Stevie unhurriedly.

“Yes sir, I do” replied the man smiling. He handed it over to Stevie who opened the first page and read the details of the man. Stevie smiled and handed it back before saying gently. “You’ve got the job”. He looked down and pretended to get on with some work. The man turned round before exiting the room and gave his hand, “It was a pleasure to meet you Sir, and the name’s Sean Parker, at you service.”

Stevie grinned and returned the gesture. “Stevie Millport, nice to meet you”.


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