What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Online Learning Essay

What are the benefits and drawbacks of doing an online course? An online learning, compared from traditional learning which meaner face-to-face’ lessons or classroom lecturing, distance learning can be defined as “a purely distance learning course, where no face-to-face lessons occur” (Sahara, 2010). An online learning can let workers arrange their time freely, in some aspect,can save moony, and younger may feel more comfortable through online courses. Online learning firstly appear to allow workers to work as well as studying (Sahara, 2010).

Without time regulations,workers could arrange their time with freedom, and they did not need to quit their Job. Without having face-to-face lessons, training was delivered through self-study manuals, videos and the web. Need not to travel to a long distance to take a class, in some extent, online learning can adopted as a cost-saving measure (Drill, 2002 in Sahara, 2010). It seems that online learning is a better choice for those who do not have much time to attend a lecture or those who want to save money. For younger learners, communicating through digital machines are more comfortable. Hockey, 2011). However, online learning also have some drawbacks. There is no guarantee that all the materials designed for one system could be used in another. Materials for one system may not function well on the other system (Mobs, 2003). In addition, learners need to use a computer to access the internet or to download the materials. While learners may have very limited computer skills,or do not like to contact with the electronic machine, they need to spend extra time to learn or to be familiar with a computer efficiently. (Mobs. 2003).

There is another worry about distance learning, such as, the communication through the computer may not match the face-to-face lessons. (Mobs, 2003). Without enough communication with a tutor or classmates, the quality of the course could not be guaranteed. To solve these problems, learners should think carefully before choosing an online course, comparing the materials to the face-to-face learning. Online learning gives learners time freedom, saving their cost, and young learners can learn form the internet more quickly. However, learners can feel confused when choose an online course.

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There is no guarantee on the material then use, no guarantee on the quality, and some learners may not feel comfortable with computer. A way to avoid these problems is thinking carefully before deciding choose an online course. Comparing materials from online course and face-to-face course, thinking carefully whether lacking of communication to tutors may affect efficiency or not. Although online learning can save time, save money, it is the quality, that is the most important thing. What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Online Learning By floorwalkers


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