Westminster Palace Is a True Visiting Card of London Sample Essay

It is widely known. that London is a large and fabulous metropolis. It attracts 1000s of visitants from place and abroad. And no 1 will deny the fact that one of the grounds for making this is the presence of many interesting and beautiful topographic points with rich and long history behind. One of those. and. as I suppose. the most beautiful administrative edifice is Westminster Palace. First of all. it is clear to everybody. that the Queen wouldn’t have chosen the edifice to be her place. unless it was expansive. strikingly beautiful and enforcing. Next. a strong statement for Westminster Palace to be one of the most popular topographic point to see is that the Palace is situated in the centre of London. and this fact clearly shows its’ importance and popularity. It besides leaves small opportunity to other historic edifices to come foremost among London’s sights/sightseeing topographic points. Third. there is a great figure of traditions. connected with the Palace.

For case: the changing of its’ guards. the nuptials balcony etc. … But the most interesting tradition about which the few know is the elevation of the British Flag when the Queen is indoors. You can besides acquire indoors. while the Royal Family is out in the summer. Finally. we can frequently see Westminster Palace on Television. it’s normally shown in the intelligence reportages or chronics. Any plan about London considers it truly necessary to include Westminster castle in their reappraisals or ushers. All these facts bring us to the decision that one of the most absorbing topographic point full of secrets and conundrums. which needs to be seen foremost after the reaching to London.

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