Week Four Assignment Essay

All Americans irrespective of their economic standing in the community merit entree to indispensable and choice preventive. and primary health care. Those Americans who presently fall under the “publicly insured” class ( Medicaid ) . and the medically uninsured. are at similar hazard for delayed or non-existent required medical attention. Establishing a free. 24 hr accessible Shelby County Primary Care Clinic would extinguish patient medical attention hold. and consequence in big graduated table overall nest eggs in projected one-year medical attention costs. ( So You Want to Get down a Health Center? . 2011 ) The advantage of free and charitable medical clinics vs. federally funded medical clinics reaches beyond the entree to quality attention constituent. Free and charitable clinics are at a fiscal advantage typically. due to many changing factors. Federally funded clinics autumn under the fiscal duty of Federal Government grants. Medicare. province government/Medicaid reimbursement. insurance remunerators. self-pay. public and private gifts and grants. Free and charitable clinics are financially supported by grants and contributions. entirely.

Volunteers provide most if non all primary attention. forte attention. dental attention and vision attention which eliminates a direct nest egg of 1. 28 million for future health care costs. ( Comparison of Free & A ; Charitable Clinics to Federally Funded Clinics. n. d. ) The Shelby County community has a longstanding history of community members that struggle to afford basic primary health care. Majority of those who reside in this country work non-union. blue-collar occupations that do non supply “sick” clip or the ability to take clip off to run into medical demands. Oftentimes. a community member will do merely above the poorness degree each month to guarantee they do non measure up for Medicaid/Medicare. but non plenty to afford the standard monthly costs of medical insurance. Medical issues that could easy be resolved with one or two primary attention assignments. stop up going a medical exigency frequently times of high disbursal. The constitution of a 24 hr accessible free medical clinic in the Shelby County community. physically accessible to all. would supply the necessary gap-fill for those who aren’t Medicaid/Medicare applicable. ( Why Free Medical Clinics Benefit Everyone. n. d. )

Many prepatory considerations must be made in order to guarantee the successful constitution and operation of any free medical clinic. Support of local country infirmaries is indispensable. in order to supply the accessory services needed such as lab work. radiology/x-rays. and medical suppliers willing to volunteer both for services provided. and to be members of the several clinic Board. An acceptable and effectual concern and strategic program must be developed and in topographic point prior to the constitution of any free medical clinic. Volunteer staff demand to be abreast of all HIPPA ( Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ) ordinances. and the procedure of credentialing suppliers. in order to fall under the established medical legal guidelines. A Standard of Clinic Operating Procedures must be created and in topographic point. prior to any clinic operations really happening. so all voluntaries are educated in the many aspects of their occupation duties and clinic processs. ( OhioFreeClinics. org. n. d. ) ( So You Want to Get down a Health Center? . 2011 )

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The consequence of supplying free medical attention for those in demand is non merely an improved medical and physical province. nevertheless of import this factor is. The consequence of preventive attention that comes from regular primary attention assignments. can extinguish the crowding of exigency suites for primary attention issues such as blood force per unit area. common colds. asthma ( non- emergent ) and diabetes ( care ) . When “standard” primary attention issues are managed with instruction. medicine and follow up. patients are stable to populate and work without issue. Patients who can afford attention are non charged increased sums to cover for the loss of those who need attention. and can non pay. Businesss avoid losing 1000000s of dollars a twelvemonth that typically result from productiveness loss. due to illness and medical exigency. ( Why Free Medical Clinics Benefit Everyone. n. d. ) ( Kiesel. 2013 )

Shelby County would non merely profit financially with the execution of a free medical clinic. but the overall quality of life for those who reside in this county would better exponentially. Families will no longer hold to panic when a kid becomes ill or injured. and does non measure up for Medicaid/Medicare. Businesss do non lose valuable man-hours due to unwellnesss non treated and managed. ensuing in clip off work. Pregnant female parents have entree to medical attention and picks outside of the Medicaid/Medicare system. The positive consequences coming from this possible enterprise are non merely immediate or fiscal. but continue and spread out over clip. in the betterment of life in Shelby County as a whole. ( Why Free Medical Clinics Benefit Everyone. n. d. )

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