We Are Surrounded by People with Bad Manners Essay

Opportunity to Succeed American Dream can mean anything and may have different opinions from every single person. It can mean anything from freedom to be wealthy or Just having a good comfortable life. Most often people dream of owning a house or having a family but in Friday Night Lights the American Dream for the town was to win the football championship. Friday Night Lights is an example of how many individuals struggle to accomplish their dream, which is not easy and it comes with a lot of challenges.

Everyone needs an opportunity to succeed and that’s where the American Dream comes in. My American Dream is to accomplish my goals I set for myself and have a good future. To be able to look back and say I did well for myself and to set a great example to my siblings and my own children in the future. Odessa dream is parallel to any American citizens which have to go through struggles to accomplish their American dream. The only opportunity Odessa had to keep its town together. They thought that football in the community would keep them together and that it was the only way of achieving success.

Odessa didn’t have access to achieve an American Dream because they Just thought of one thing which was keeping its community together, it was that or nothing which brought quite a lot of pressure to the football players. Sticking to one accomplishment isn’t all that great there should be many ways of success to get to have an American Dream. The American dream started with a town called Odessa, which is located in the middle of Texas, where oil is extremely popular. Weather in Odessa was so hot that clothes would stick to your skin because of all the sweat.

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The town was quiet windy ND dry to the point where your skin was cracked and it would Just peel off by itself. In the beginning it felt like a town so empty with portions of lands to fill. When you would arrive you’d feel that emptiness, a feeling that made you feel powerless. When putting all the feelings aside, there were motels with cars parked in front because of how filthy and dirty they looked. Downtown were banks, movie theaters that were closed down, few restaurants you could attend and many different pawnshops. Odessa divided up into the north, south, east and west. Farther east were fast- food places, and ranch homes.

The only problem with the homes was that they had for sale signs in the front yard. South side was across the tracks in an area which was full of power and authority; there lived the blacks and Mexicans. Across from the tracks was the fancy part of town where all the whites lived. The north side was the land that was empty; plains that lead to the middle of nowhere. There was nothing in sight, a deserted, dry, forsaken piece of land where you could walk for hours and find it absolutely empty. All of a sudden you come to see a huge, enormously large stadium Tanat sat auto twenty ottomans people.

I nee town Touches mostly on Totally because of its reputation. It’s what gathered everyone together every Friday night. Everyone in the town would shut everything down. All the stores would be closed and the streets were so empty there wasn’t a sound to be heard. It was so quiet you could hear the chirping’s of crickets, while the wind whistled. Although Odessa had no reason for existence; there was nothing to look at. No reason for anyone to start a life there because it was Just too plain, until the sass’s when a group of men from Ohio saw an opportunity to make money.

By having that opportunity the men looked at all the qualities of the town. About fourteen thousand acres of land to sell, they believed they could make it happen. Cities would be built, as well as railroads and businesses; if that wasn’t enough they would build colleges, a health spa, and a library. Everything that was going to be built would be on a pamphlet. People with all kinds of diseases would be welcomed with open arms, but people with bad intentions wouldn’t. Ten different families arrived in Odessa. Those families tried to fit in with the ranchers and cowboys, who were there before they arrived.

All three did not get along at all while building a college for the Methodists, which were mysteriously burned down three years later; they blamed the cowboys. There were a lot of different rumors going around but no one knew the truth. All three of the Methodists, the ranchers and the cowboys complained and told each other what to do. A hospital was built but was ignored because they thought of using natural ways like cactus Juice, wrapping cabbage leaves and using cow manure. All the dreams they had for Odessa went down the drain because it was so hard to make a living.

By the sass’s there were about three hundred and eighty one residents and by 1910 it increased to one thousand one hundred and seventy eight. It was hard to live in Odessa because the ranchers became extremely poor; they couldn’t afford to keep up with the expenses of their ranches and everything was going down the drain. In 1919 flu came around, which invaded the funeral home. There were so many dead bodies that there wasn’t enough men to dig graves. At that time medical care was doing well because of all the deaths that occurred. The population dropped down to seven hundred and sixty by the sass.

They didn’t see Odessa going anywhere, then the boom and bust hit in 1926. A boom happened and everything was amazingly well, but a little after, the bust hit and depression would occur. The boom and bust would happen a couple of times where it went from good to bad. Only a couple of people cared for the town in the eighties who thought everything would be fine and dandy. Others would call Odessa a hell hole. Cone mentioned “this must not be planet earth, this must be hell” (Besieger 30). Larry Mimicry called it the “worst town on earth” (Besieger 32).

A town they thought they could survive was actually wretched. In 1946 Odessa high school won the state championship in football. Tickets were sold out, seats were filled, and people who couldn’t buy a ticket watched from afar. The town would remember this moment forever; something as big as Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. People knew how important football was in Odessa after the championship. Some would wait more than a day to buy tickets for the next game. Expectations grew every year because of the high school teams amazing talent. People knew that and made sure to support them.

Boosters would whisper “the best of any Permian team in a decade [after the championship game]. I nee Permian panthers were preparing Tort state to wall It all; canon Genes gave teen advice about Just focusing themselves and not the outside pressure; to avoid and not pay any attention to the criticism people said. Even though Odessa has a strong football community, the pressure is so great that it can be too much for the players on the football team to handle. A clear example of pressure is shown with the Miles, Billings and Cave family; they pushed their boys in football, but Just pressured them in different ways.

Each son reacted in a different manner towards the stress of pressure the parent’s set on them. L. V. Miles wants Bobbie to be successful in life so Bobbie pushed himself to do his best. L. V. Pushed Bobbie extremely hard because he did not make something of himself. “He pushed Bobbie in football and prodded him and refused to let him quit” (Besieger 57). L. V. Only pressured him so hard because he loved him and wanted absolutely the best form him. L. V. Saw the hope, the possibilities and the dreams in Bobbie that he didn’t see in himself.

When he was a young boy he grew up in West Texas, in a tiny town they called “Engineering. ” “His life had been defined by a vie-foot-high wall of rock and concrete” (Besieger 59). The wall had been built so that they could not cross it; they could only do things they wanted inside the five-foot wall. “He had grown up in a place where the only way he could go into a restaurant, if at all, was through the back; where he wasn’t allowed to go to high school football games unless he climbed a light pole or snuck under a fence,” (Besieger 59). L. V. Ad a rough life style growing up so he definitely didn’t want the same for Bobbie. The only way Bobbie could not have the same life style was if he played football for the Permian Panthers. L. V. Loved football and wanted to play ever since his high school years, but he couldn’t because of so much racism. “l wanted desperately to play football in high school and I never got the opportunity,” he said (Besieger 61). Twenty five years later there was some consolation which came through Bobbie. Since L. V. Couldn’t play he used his nephew to do it.

Some who knew L. V. Though that he pushed Bobbie to much, [he] wasn’t living for him he was living through him” (Besieger 61) L. V. Knew what was best for Bobbie, so he pushed him to his best. Bobbie had been placed in a foster home in Houston, Texas as a boy. L. V. Couldn’t stand the fact of a young boy growing up the way he did, so he took him out of there and took him as his own. Bobbie also had a rough life style living with his father. His father beat him growing up. As a young boy he played football with the Pop Warner football team and L.

V. And Bobbie developed a strong bond because of it. He loved his uncle dearly and was thankful for what he did for him. He said “l won’t be here. I’d be here but won’t be as good because I won’t have nobody to push me like he pushed me” (Besieger 63) He was a strong boy mentally, he knew what he wanted ND what was expected from him. “Bobbie had been classified as a learning disabled student. Up until he went to Permian [where he was put in regular classes] (Besieger 65). His schedule required course credits to graduate and get a scholarship.

Teachers worked with him, so he could get his scholarship. Until the first scrimmage, where Bobbie fractured his knee during a play. He couldn’t play football anymore and it truly hurt him because he thought he had nothing else. Bobbie wanted to become pro and when he did, he wanted to do everything for the men who helped him get to where he was, but it all changed. L. V. Continued to push him either way, even though nee name up Witt twins Instead AT Nils canola’s. Unlike L. V. Charlie let’s go of pressuring his son because Don leaves to college. Both Charlie and L. V. Reassured their kids in football and both try to live their dreams through their children. The only difference about both men is that Charlie won the Championship and L. V. Was unable to play football. “No one wanted it more; no one felt it more, than Charlie Billings’ (Besieger 79). Charlie loved football and twenty years ago he wore the black and white uniform Just like his son Don. He still had memories of his old days and wanted Don to make him proud and not embarrass him on the field. Charlie was extremely tough on Don he wanted his sons expectations to be high.

Charlie went to rehabilitation for his drinking and when he came out he was in control, now he was in his right mind. He realized he was proud of his son he said “l got him to live through, and that’s something pretty special” (Besieger 84). From there on he didn’t put so much pressure on his son. Don was exactly like his father but wasn’t because he was able to move on from football. “Whether he knew it or not, Don had [become] the spitting image of his ad,” (Besieger 83) Don was a fighter Just like his father and he drank occasionally, but not as much as Charlie.

Like his father, Don played the same position and wore the black and white Jersey. Don and his father didn’t have a great connection, until Charlie went to rehabilitation for his drinking. He had been living in Blanchard Oklahoma with his mother, but summer he spent it with his father. Sophomore year in high school he informed his mother he was not going back to Blanchard, he was going to stay with his father in Odessa to play for the Permian Panthers. He was great t football and wanted to do his best so his father can be proud of him instead of disappointed.

Later, he left to college and his father didn’t pressure him anymore but was proud of him for what he was doing with his life. From Charlie pressuring Don about football, Tony put no pressure on Brian because he didn’t need it. He wanted the best for Brian; he didn’t care how he would persuade it. “He was a remarkable kid from a remarkable family inspired by his father, whose own upbringing in the poverty of El Paso couldn’t have been more different “(Besieger 143). Tony from El Paso lived in a little apartment and during his nouns age he cut class and started drinking and fighting.

He didn’t think much of college besides it being a Joke, so he Joined the army in 1964. One day he got wasted and was stripped of his rank so continued to the base for only 6 months. Tony went through army missile, intelligence and communication schools and became a cop in 1967. Later, got married and studied at the University of Texas, El Paso. Tony was promoted, but quit and started in a law school; he got a Job offer and was the first Hispanic lawyer to ever work in Midland. Yet, because Brian loved football so much, he supported his son 100 percent. Tony Just didn’t want Brian to follow his footsteps.

Nevertheless Brian was in love with playing football, but was also an intelligent kid. He liked English, which helped him express himself more in writing than on the football field. Brian loved playing football his father didn’t have to push him like L. V. To Bobbie and Charlie to Don. Brian pushed himself because he wanted to play and loved it. He was successful on his own; he knew what he wanted and knew what he had to do to get there. Football wasn’t the only thing on his head, “he was striving for something” (Besieger 144). Brian knew if football wasn’t for him something else oh a De lathing ml.

The Miles, Billings and Cave fathers had their own ways of pressuring their kids, but were for a good intention. They all wanted what was best for their boys. It is great for a parent to push you into succeeding because at the end of the day you accomplish and achieve goals for the future. Then again, be lenient because then all the pressure you put on your child can backfire and lead to rebelliousness and mistrust. The lesson is that the American Dream isn’t only one thing, there can be many. American Dream can mean anything and may have different opinions from every single person.

Odessa dream is parallel to any American citizens which have to go through struggles to accomplish their American dream. Odessa had one opportunity which was to keep its town together by football and it was the only success they could achieve . A town that grew together because of one championship game. Odessa went through some rough times but in the end picked itself up. That shows what one little thing can do to get a whole town together.


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