Ways in Which Order Is Made and Repaired Essay

Describe some of the ways in which order is made and repaired on a street you know. Social order can be perceived as something that is given to community, which does not require any effort. However, Winslow High Street can be an example to demonstrate the need and significance of people’s action and behavior between them and material things to maintain the order by pointing out at public services and street furniture.

Winslow High Street is large shopping area, dedicated to pedestrians only, in comparison with City Road in Cardiff, which carries busy car- traffic and high intention between vehicles and pedestrians (the Street’, 2009, scene 1). Traffic signs and street markings clearly indicate there is no entry for vehicles and there are several bollards to stop the traffic flow. The exceptions are buses, cyclists, mobility scooters and emergency services.

Although the signs and street furniture are provided to benefit the street users, in general terms of giving information and guidance, it may be perceived also as potential hazard or obstructions by visually handicapped pedestrians or people on the wheelchairs. Traffic sings and street furniture are located primary at the centre of the footpath, which may limit the movement of the users and be experienced as threatening. In some circumstances it may lead to injury as most of them are painted in black, which makes them not clearly visible at night.

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A local council plays a significant role in creating and repairing the order in Winslow High Street. It has launched a program, which prime concern is to focus on the improvement of street furniture and crime prevention. In City Road in Cardiff informed officers attempt to restore social order, engaging the residents to call the helpline, whenever they notice, for instance, illegal waste disposal (ordered Lives’, 2009, scene 2). Winslow council also gets involved in targeting issues like graffiti, litter or fly – tipping.

The place is a prime shopping space, therefore it has tendency to look untidy and unrecognized, which in result may cause magnification of the crime. The council attempts to keep the area clean and hazard free. In this situation police officers are highlighted while restoring the social order in a way, that they have uniforms and tools to do so. Some residents recognize their impact on maintaining the order and appreciate it. However, others, who cause particular disorder, for instance fly – tipping, dislike their investigation.

There is a wide range of material things participating in producing social order, wanly oaten Decode unnoticed. Winslow Council as a part AT street normalization discussed above, has started replacing the lights and resurfacing the roads in local High Street. Bright lighting is essential to make residents and visitors feel safe. However, it is more beneficial for those with poor vision. It helps to distinguish the route and obstacles as well as preventing and detecting the crime. On the other hand, repaired, resurfaced roads and footpaths are beneficial especially for the people with mobility impairments.

The appearance of the street affects the way people feel about the area they live in, which is unquestionably important. Reducing the fear of crime and protecting local environment improves the quality of residents’ lives and attracts visitors from outer areas, which supports the local economy at the same time. Making Social Live DVD presents another example, when a woman with children stops at the traffic lights waiting for the right time to cross the road (ordered Lives’, 2009, scene 4). This particular scenario can be noticed anywhere, also in Winslow High Street.

The signal lights are devices installed to reduce the competition between pedestrians and motorized traffic. They display standard colors to accord and negotiate the priority between the street users. When the traffic lamp turn green, it also makes a sound to indicate when is safe to cross it. This aspect makes significant benefit for those who are blind and partially sighted, because it enables them to recognize when to cross the street safely. Material things are often taken for granted, considering that people pass the knowledge through generation how to behave in specific situation.

When something affects the order, they start to recognize the importance of the integration between them and material things contributing to it. In conclusion, the examples discussed above clearly suggest, that social order is a process, which involve constant activities and interactions between people in conjunction with material things in everyday life. Sometimes this mechanism can be seen relatively easily, at other times it becomes unnoticed. Cooperation to accomplish common goals and coordination of the actions are principles for making and maintaining social order.


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