Waste Management and Milestone Submission Essay


The concluding undertaking for this class is the creative activity of a Case Analysis. In 2006. the Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC ) brought charges against Waste Management and some of its executives. You must research these charges and reply the inquiries below. Review the SEC Release 1532 here. In a well-structured analysis. you will reply a set of inquiries sing the instance against Waste Management. Get down your research in Module Eight. Use any extra resources presented and the Waste Management fiscal statements and studies as needed. The Analytic Procedures Worksheet and the ICF-CX16 Vulnerability Worksheet are located in the Assignment Guidelines and Rubrics subdivision of the class. The undertaking is divided in to three mileposts. which will be submitted at assorted points throughout the class to scaffold acquisition and guarantee quality concluding entries. These mileposts will be submitted in Modules Eight. Nine. and Ten.


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To successfully finish this undertaking. you will be expected to use what you have learned in this class and should include several of the undermentioned class aims:

1. Review. detect. and look into possible fiscal statement fraud 2. Use assorted techniques to place fiscal statement fraud 3. Explore substantial analytical processs

Main Elementss


1. When did the SEC file charges against some senior executives of Waste Management?
2. Who was charged relevant to the above?
3. What were the charges?
4. What is a “disgorgement of dirty gains” ?


1. What were some of the “improper accounting practices” used by Waste Management? Please be specific as to what Generally Accepted Accounting Principle ( GAAP ) was violated. 2. What impact did the fraudulent behaviour identified supra have on the published fiscal statements? Please be specific. 3. What non-accounting deceitful things did Waste Management make? 4. What was the motive for the executives to perpetrate fraud? 5. Identify the executives and other employees of Waste Management who were charged in the fraud. and place the penalty for both the employees and Waste Management. 6. What did the company have to make to rectify the issue of the wrong fiscal information. and what was the quantifiable consequence of Waste Management’s patterns on the pre-tax income/loss?


1. What were the ruddy flags that should hold been observed but were non? Please be specific and province how they could hold been used by an investor/creditor to assist place the fraud. 2. Identify procedures and techniques that could hold been applicable to observe the fraud.

Write a five- to seven-page. well-researched. and well-written response to the inquiries. Cite all beginnings utilizing APA format.


Milestone One: Background
In Evaluate 8. 2 you will subject a bill of exchange if the Background subdivision of your Final Case Analysis. This milepost is non graded. You will have formative feedback from the teacher to be used to do alterations. This entry will impact Final Product class under “Milestone submission…”

Milestone Two: Rough Draft

In Evaluate 9. 2 you will subject a unsmooth bill of exchange of your Final Case Analysis. This milepost is non graded. You will have formative feedback from the teacher to be used to do alterations. This entry will impact Final Product class under “Milestone submission…”

Milestone Three: Concluding Case Analysis

In Evaluate 10. 2 you will subject the Final Case Analysis. It should be a complete. polished artifact incorporating all of the chief elements of the concluding merchandise. It should reflect the incorporation of feedback gained throughout the class. This milepost will be graded utilizing the Final Product Rubric. Final Case Analysis Rubric

Requirements of entry: Written constituents of undertakings must follow these arranging guidelines when applicable: dual spacing. 12-point Times New Roman fount. one-inch borders. and discipline-appropriate commendations. The Concluding Analysis should be 5 to 8 pages in length. Failure to adhere to these demands of entry will ensue in the paper non being graded. Instructor Feedback: Students can happen their feedback in the class book as an fond regard.


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