Volunteer projectasda Essay

Due to the short time, Claries chooses for us and found this organization which clean up Islam Vista, our focus was on the beach, because of ocean. The beach becomes dirtier and dirtier every year! The students can’t handle their trash and throw the trash in the streets. Therefore the environment around the beach has changed and changed the animal conditions. When the conditions for the animals change, the food chain will change. In the end, this will affect us! We destroy our own nature! Our beautiful nature will be damaged and the population of the animals will drop.

Our aspects on this topic is too small and incomprehensible! Not many in the community knows about the big island footers. It’s a big island made out of garbage. This island is floating around in the ocean and makes a lot of trouble for the sea life near the garbage world. Halloween is incredible big in IV, thousands of students from all around America, join the crowd on Del Playa and party for hours. Parties with lots of red cups, red cups everywhere. If we look at the statistics of Halloween last year in Islam Vista, we will see some horrible numbers.

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This cleanup event is Halloween, and is the 3020 blocks were collected that day, 1070 bags of trash and recyclables, almost 710 cubic feet of recyclables of trash, and 8474 pounds of trash. This incredible numbers is only for one day, it’s insane that one day can generate that much trash. It took 547 people 975 volunteer hour to clean up the mess. Its about 1 hour and 30 minutes for each person! The primary trash is plastic. Plastic of all kinds, cups, forks containers, chairs, tables, actually everything you can imagine.

Plastic is one the most difficulties things to disappear in the nature, he nature can’t decompose the plastic, and therefore the plastic will contaminate the soil and kill the animals and damage the environment. We decided to take part in the efforts and safe the ocean for the garbage. The crew we joined was Adopt-A-Block. Adopt a block provides simple ways for volunteers to make a helpfully impact on the Islam Vista environment, the way they help is through cleanups, beside the cleanups, it’s through outreach and education.

The goals of adopt-a-block is to engage volunteers in regular cleanups, outreach and education programs to ensure Islam Vista remains latent free. First when we arrived to the station, we were told a little speech in how we should handle the equipment, and of course the boys (Including me) couldn’t use it in the right way! First when we grabbed a tang, we tried to grab each other and steal each other’s equipment for fun. But then the serious part came in, the beach cleanup!

We took gloves on, grabbed a grabber and a bucket and then in the battle for garbage! We walked from the station to the beach, it was a walk that should take about 10 minutes, but because of the intern trash battle, it took about 25-30 minutes. It was a hard ND tough competition, you needed a radar sight, and an incredible reaction to grab the garbage before anyone else. Takings and l, were in an intern fight of the garbage, we both look in every corner and looked at each other.

It was like the perfect western battle, like in the movies. Who will reach the target first? Who have the fastest grabber? A battle with only one winner and a looser! It was like the perfect action scene in an old western movie. On the walk down to the beach, we saw a lot a garbage, there was trash in every corner, red cups, beer boxes and cigarette buds on the ground! After 15 minutes of hard work in the streets, had I already filled my bucket with trash! We make it to the beach without any dramatic fight over trash!

When we first saw the beach, it didn’t seems to be a big issue, but when we took a sharper and better look, there was a lot of trash. The trash was behind the big poles on the beach, because of that, the trash was really difficult to get and pick up! We go behind one pole, and collected a lot of garbage! It’s crazy what people throw out from their balcony and porch. We found a pair of male underwear, metal chair, a knife, towel and lots of red cups. After a hard effort in the garbage collecting, some of us decided to go swimming!

The water was actually really warm, and not cold as usual. The swimming gave us the energy we needed to get back in the streets and collect more trash, huh! We walked down Del Playa, or some of us did, me and Feline got lost and took a look into a shop. We waited for the others to get back and summaries our results. The results were astonish! We could make a whole island of all the trash! It was really nice to help the environment and clean up the beach. I winks it’s important to clean up the streets and beaches, because it’s our environment.


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