Vivienne Westwood Sample Essay

Vivienne Isabel Swire was born in Derbyshire on 8th April 1941 to Gordon and Dora Swire who were greengrocers. She left grammar school aged 16 and moved to London with her household. There Vivienne attended Harrow Art School and studied manner and silversmithing. but left after one term citing “I didn’t cognize how a propertyless miss like me could perchance do a life in the art world” . I think this is a really normal statement for an creative person to do as all of them have had uncertainties if they can do a life from their chosen calling. I besides have uncertainties about how I could do a life in the art universe but it’s the love of art and manner that kept Vivienne seeking and will maintain me motivated. She took up a occupation in a mill in the hopes of going a primary school instructor. and shortly succeeded in this. At this clip. tonss of adult females were taking occupations in mills as they still weren’t seen as ‘able’ to make a adult males occupation like a banker or a physician. During her clip of survey and instruction. she made jewelry to sell at a stall on Portobello Road which is a street in Notting Hill. London known for it’s alone market.

There are tonss of old-timer stables. jewelry stables and vintage vesture stables. Some of the most celebrated manner and jewelry interior decorators and creative persons have worked on or had stables on Portobello Road and to this twenty-four hours it is seen as an honor. Lots of famous persons visit the markets for vintage vesture. such as Kate Moss. the Geldof sisters and Mischa Barton. Vivienne met Derek Westwood who was a Hoover mill learner at the clip in 1961 and they married a twelvemonth subsequently on 21st July. Vivienne made her ain nuptials frock for the ceremonial unknown to the fact that she would be celebrated worldwide for planing nuptials frocks subsequently on in life. In 1963. she gave birth to her first boy. Benjamin Westwood who followed in his mother’s wild attitude and is now a adult lensman. When Westwood met Malcolm McLaren. her matrimony to Derek ended.

They lived together in a council level in Clapham while Westwood continued to learn. When McLaren opened a dress shop called ‘Let It Rock’ . Westwood began to sell her hideous designs in the store which were inspired by cocottes. rockerss and fetishists. Westwood still owns this store but it is now called World’s terminal. She sells her Anglomania label from it. McLaren became the director of the hood stone set ‘Sex Pistols’ who frequently wore Westwood’s designs. The Sexual activity Pistols formed in 1975 and are responsible for get downing the hood stone fad in the UK. They have inspired tonss of ulterior hood stone sets such as Blink 182. Green Day and Muse. While still populating in the council house in Clapham. the hood obsessed twosome had had a kid together. Westwood’s 2nd boy. Joseph was born. Joe Corre is the laminitis of ‘Agent Provocateur’ . The hood stone manner included bondage. safety pins. ironss and Canis familiaris neckbands and besides wild hair and do up. Tonss of manner presents is to a great extent inspired by this manner. particularly ‘emo’ and ‘goth’ manner. Lots of Westwood’s manner is inspired by 17th and eighteenth century vesture and besides new romantic type turnups and neckbands. It is said that Westwood and McLaren revolutionised manner.

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The ‘Pirate’ aggregation was Westwood’s first track show. presented in March 1981. The aggregation was entirely inspired by plagiarists and pirates. including loose-fitting level heel boots. henna coils and gold dentition. The theoretical accounts in the show carried Walkmans and danced to knap and cultural music. In 1983. her coaction with McLaren ended and Westwood presented her ‘Witches’ aggregation where she carried on working with cultural inspiration and geometrical cuts. Some aggregations that followed were ‘Hypnos’ . ‘Clint Eastwood’ . ‘Mini Crini’ and ‘Harris Tweed’ . She now has five entirely owned stores. three in London. one in Leeds and one in Milan. There are besides franchise shops across the state. The first major exhibition of her work was at the Victoria and Albert Museum. London in 2004. The exhibition included 145 complete outfits all placed in subjects from the 70s to present twenty-four hours.

It is widely ranged. from hood stone to glamourous gowns and even marrying frocks. Westwood’s designs are so widely known that they were featured in the 2008 movie version of the Television series Sex and the City. The chief character ‘Carrie’ receives a gift of a nuptials frock with a handwritten note from Westwood herself and wears it for her large twenty-four hours. However. Westwood attended the film’s premiere in London but left after 10 proceedingss after knocking the vesture in the movie naming it ‘boring’ and ‘frumpy’ . Carrie’s frock is now widely recognised as one of the most iconic nuptials frocks. I think the frock is perfectly astonishing and took so much endowment to plan. It will decidedly stay one of my favorite film nuptials frocks. In 2007. Westwood got more acknowledgment that she expected when Glossopdale College named one of its freshly created edifices ‘Westwood’ after being immense fans of the interior decorator. Lots of creative persons. famous persons and vocalists have regard and esteem for Vivienne. nevertheless. Gwen Stefani took it a measure farther by regularly adverting Westwood on one of her albums.

She has since told how Westwood is her all clip favorite interior decorator and that she would interchange all her money for Westwood pieces. In 1992. Westwood received an OBE from Queen Elizabeth ll at Buckingham Palace. However. it wasn’t merely her award that made the newspapers. When swirling one of her new designs outside for the paparazzi. burying she was knicker-less. a lensman caught a really awkward catch. which is rumoured to hold amused the Queen. Westwood is now a DBE and has won the award for Designer of the Year three times. Westwood is presently married to her former art pupil Andreas Kronthaler who convinced her to travel from her level to a house built in 1703 which one time belonged to Captain Cook’s female parent. She is a acute nurseryman but ne’er tickers Television or read newspapers or magazines.


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