Visages of Two Stories Essay

Flannery O’Connor’s A Good Man is Difficult to Find and Tobias Wolff’s Bullet in the Brain are two short narratives each holding unsympathetic lead characters. Both narratives revolved around the lives of the lead characters which were shown utilizing wit and turns and bends. Flannery O’Connor. an American author. was known for her Southern Gothic authorship manner. Her literary plants are declarative of her beliefs of the Roman Catholic. Tobias Wolff. besides an American author. was known for his short narratives and memoirs.

A Good Man is Difficult to Find is a narrative of a household traveling for a holiday. It began with the Grandmother explaining to her boy Bailey about the homicidal Misfit who was on the loose so she wouldn’t have to travel to Florida for holiday and would alternatively hold go to Tennessee. She was non able to carry her boy and the remainder of the household. The following forenoon they drove off to Florida. The Grandmother portrayed the image of person who was egoistic and unpleasant. She besides seemed to be more concerned on how she would look like a Christian than act like one.

In the terminal. the household was murdered by the Misfit and his two cohorts. The Bullet in the Brain. on the other manus. began in with a book critic named Anders who was on a bank one twenty-four hours. Similar to the Grandmother from O’Connor’s narrative. Anders was besides one character who is unsympathetic. He depicted person who was crabbed and sardonic. While waiting in a long line of clients. two bank robbers entered the scene and threatened the people. Anders was person who was non intimidated by anyone. even by bank robbers. And here is where the problem for the supporter began.

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Alternatively of making the right thing. he ridiculed the robbers which resulted to his decease. The Grandmother and Anders were two amusing people who talked excessively much. Before the two died. they presented their ain sentiments which the readers would hold. doubtless. felt. There was an unexpected bend of events when the Grandmother was about to be killed. She all of a sudden claimed that the Misfit was a good adult male. This was contrary to what she had mentioned about the Misfit at the beginning of the narrative. She mentioned that would non take her kids to a topographic point with an unconfined felon.

She said her scruples would non be able to bear it if she did. The place she was in at the terminal of the narrative. seemed to hold taken out the goodness and the true Christian from her. Because of the fright and the force per unit area she felt. she was able to see the goodness in the custodies of something or person so evil. What happened to Anders was another thing. Before he died. Wolff presented the things that the supporter did non believe of: the letdowns in his relationship with his household. the ennui he felt towards his work. etc.

And by the clip the readers were constructing indoors so the unhappiness and the understanding towards Anders. the writer provided what Anders was believing at that important minute. And roar. it was truly unexpected because at that really minute before he died what he thought of was his irony in his early old ages. And the apparently sad stoping of the narrative turned out to be uneven and diverting. The immorality in the two narratives have had similar and contrastive effects to the lead characters. The Grandmother and Anders had their portion of penetration with respects to the incident.

The Grandmother may merely be salvaging herself from decease or she could hold truly realized the Misfit had goodness in him and that her biass were untrue. However. it was excessively late for her. In Anders instance. what he remembered before he died was what he was genuinely approximately. The last scenario substantiated the fact about Anders’ attitude. In the narratives. changing biass can be observed and this shows that each one of us is entitled to ain sentiments and sets of truths.


O’Connor. Flannery. “A Good Man Is Difficult to Find. ” 1955. Wolff. Tobias. “Bullet in the Brain. ” 1995.


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