var “question”: “What is the name of

var questions = {    “question”: “How many players are there in a baseball team?”,    “option1”: “8”,    “option2”: “9”,    “option3”: “11”,    “option4”: “12”,    “answer”: “2”}, {    “question”: “What is the name of Batman’s butler?”,    “option1”: “Albert”,    “option2”: “John”,    “option3”: “Christian”,    “option4”: “Alfred”,    “answer”: “4”}, {    “question”: “What’s the total number of dots on a pair of dice?”,    “option1”: “36”,    “option2”: “40”,    “option3”: “42”,    “option4”: “38”,    “answer”: “3”}, {    “question”: “Which planet is the closest to Earth?”,    “option1”: “Mars”,    “option2”: “Moon”,    “option3”: “Saturn”,    “option4”: “Venus”,    “answer”: “4”}, {    “question”: “Babe Ruth is associated with which sport?”,    “option1”: “Basketball”,    “option2”: “Voleyball”,    “option3”: “Baseball”,    “option4”: “Soccer”,    “answer”: “3”}, {    “question”: “What is the worlds most widely spoken native tongue language?”,    “option1”: “English”,    “option2”: “Spanish”,    “option3”: “Mandarin Chinese”,    “option4”: “Japanese”,    “answer”: “3”}, {    “question”: “Which country is the worlds biggest producer of coffee?”,    “option1”: “Brazil”,    “option2”: “France”,    “option3”: “Italy”,    “option4”: “Turkey”,    “answer”: “1”}, {    “question”: “Which city has the largest population?”,    “option1”: “New York”,    “option2”: “London”,    “option3”: “Sao Paulo”,    “option4”: “Tokyo”,    “answer”: “4”}, {    “question”: “What is the name of the dog in Garfield?”,    “option1”: “Odie”,    “option2”: “Oliver”,    “option3”: “Fred”,    “option4”: “Tyson”,    “answer”: “1”}, {    “question”: “Who Played the lead in The Last Boy Scout?”,    “option1”: “Sylvester Stallone”,    “option2”: “Bruce Willis”,    “option3”: “Vin Diesel”,    “option4”: “Bruce Lee”,    “answer”: “2”};


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