Value of Pop Culture Essay

Jim and Pam got married. Ke $ hour angle brushes her dentitions with whisky. and Lady Gaga ponders if we are really born predisposed to be eldritch. No affair where you look. we are surrounded by pop civilization. Popular civilization is a sub-culture that is frequently mocked and scrutinized as non being meaningful or important. pop civilization is seen as what is considered “cool” at the minute in clip. and carries no long-run effects on society or civilization as a whole. Emile Durkheim one time said “For Sociology truly to be a scientific discipline of things. the generalization of phenomena must be taken as the standard of their normalcy.

In the same book. He argues for the maps of offense in society. I believe that these maps are the same maps that popular civilization has in society. In brief. these maps are to bring forth societal norms. set up societal boundaries. create rites that generate societal solidarity. generate invention. and pave the manner for societal alteration. It is of import to place what “pop culture” is identified as. seeing as how it can be used in several different ways. When I refer to start civilization. I mean so in the commercial civilization sense. Commercial civilization produces a merchandise in order to bring forth a net income.

Let us foremost to analyze the manner popular civilization produces societal norms. In the book The Dominant Ideology Thesis. the writers argue that mass media is the key by which thoughts of the dominant category is spread to the remainder of society. I believe this position is important to understanding how popular civilization produces societal norms. For illustration. let’s usage what we wear as a manner to demo how societal norms are produce. The manner industry tells us what to have on in magazines and advertizements. these norms are reinforced over and over once more by telecasting. histrions. movie. instrumentalists. and famous persons who embrace the manner tendencies.

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Shops begin to merely sell a certain type of vesture. and it becomes progressively more hard to non conform to the manner norm. Popular civilization is non limited merely to the manner universe in footings of the norms it produces. it is impossible to travel through a check-out procedure at the shop and non be bombarded by magazines that portion what type of sexual patterns are non acceptable. what type of music is on the rise. and even what type of nutrients we should eat. Even kids are being conditioned to act a certain manner thanks to programming such as Sesame Street and Barney.

In add-on to bring forthing societal norms. popular civilization besides helps us set up societal boundaries. The music we listen to. along with the apparels we wear and the telecasting we watch non merely helps to determine our individualities but besides helps us find those people more similar ourselves. It is because of the rise in popular civilization that we are able to encompass certain musical gustatory sensations and reject others. leting us to happen others who portion the same likes and disfavors as ourselves. Peoples who listen to Metallica likely don’t have much in common with those people who listen to Miley Cyrus.

Pop civilization offers us a alone system to place those who are like us. this is seen more evidently in the erotica concern. The cyberspace has normalized recreational erotica to the point where there is an indefensible sum of bare people on the cyberspace. most of whom clearly ( and I mean clearly! ) do so for non-profit. Possibly the easiest facet of popular civilization to detect is the rites that it creates. Adolescents are brought together through dance nines. college pupils come together to see telecasting events. amusing book fans wait in line hours to see a new film.

All these rites produce feelings of belonging. adhering with members of society over a common involvement. The ace bowl for illustration is a multibillion dollar matter because of the fact that 1000000s of people from all demographics will sit down and watch the game for three hours. Traveling to a concert gives you a since of societal solidarity. singing along to a vocal in unison with fifteen-thousand other people creates near societal bonds… even if you barely know anyone else at the concert.

They portion a sense of intending in their individuality ; this shared significance is the footing of group solidarity. Harmonizing to Durkheim. it is solidarity that is the basic edifice block of societal coherence. Popular Culture has besides helped to bring forth inventions that have no merely progressed itself. but all of civilization. Obviously the most of import country that popular civilization has helped advancement is clearly the cyberspace. The World Wide Web has progressed and is driven by what could be considered the largest are of pop civilization. erotica.

I suspect that erotica hasn’t precisely helped the promotion of civilisation. but it has helped the promotion of engineering greatly. The development of broadband cyberspace. streaming videos online. high definition quality images. all came to be as a consequence of the erotica concern. Of class invention isn’t held purely by the grownup amusement concern ; another immense industry spurred by pop civilization is the music industry. specifically the manner we listen and buy music.

Before 1999. and the innovation of Napster. the cyberspace was non a medium that many in the music industry embraced… and it wasn’t until Napster exploited the deficiency of ordinance over the cyberspace that large music corporations saw the advantages of utilizing the cyberspace as a agency to distribute their merchandise to a whole new audience. Before. the client had to venture to a record shop and kind through 100s of albums in order to happen a new type of music or set to listen excessively. now it can be accomplished with a speedy Google hunt.

The movie industry has besides been touched by the promotion that pop civilization has allowed. With companies such as Netflix set up to unite films with the cyberspace. and the innovation of the DVD. 1000s of movies are at our disposal and all with crystal clear lucidity. Arguably the most of import map that popular civilization serves in our society is that it paves the route to societal alteration. legion times it is really the drive force behind societal alteration. This can be seen all the manner back to 1906 when Upton Sinclair’s book The Jungle helped take to a revolution of the nutrient industry in America.

We can see this clearly most late with the sudden engagement of famous persons who got involved in the 2008 presidential election. chiefly in Barack Obama’s run. Robert DeNiro. Oprah Winfrey. Usher. Chris Rock. Scarlett Johansson. Ron Howard. Magic Johnson. and John Mayer are merely a few of the actors/athletes/comedians/musicians that are linked with Obama. It is no surprise that Obama won the 2008 presidential election in a landslide. Companies have long known the consequence that famous persons have on America and have used them to force merchandises.

We are seeing this once more with the engagement of such famous persons as Lady Gaga in the Gay Rights motion. Rap music is a great illustration of a group inside of dad civilization which invariably challenges the societal norms and the power construction of the white bulk. It is clear that popular civilization serves many maps in society. many of which are shared by offense. These maps include bring forthing societal norms. set uping societal boundaries. making rites that generate societal solidarity. bring forthing invention. and paving the manner for societal alteration. We can non merely push dad civilization off to the side as low-brow civilization and has no significance.


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