Urban Consolidation and Environmental Sustainability Essay

Urban consolidation is a lifting issue in amny capital metropoliss and could hold a dramatic consequence on the environmental sustainability of Australian metropoliss in the close and distant hereafter. “Urban consolidation policies concentrate on increasing lodging densenesss in the big metropoliss to bring forth more compact development. shorter travel distances and less dependance on cars. ” ( Forster 2004. p. 171 ) . Some of the chief negative issues that is caused by urban consolidation are a bead in value of preexistent suburban lodging. an overload of public resources in over-crowded metropoliss and traffic and conveyance inconviences.

There are many benefits to urban consolidation which involve lower short term envirnomental impacts and high degrees of convience. but at the same clip there are many disadvantages which are discussed in this essay. The policies of urban consolidation are surrounded by the thought of constructing big metropoliss upwards. instead than outwards. This means that they are concentrating on building multi-story installations near to the Centre of the metropoliss. “more compact development would cut down the rate at which urban enlargements consumes good agricultral land and threatens sensitive natural environments” ( Forster 2004. p. 71 ) .

Existing lodging urban lodging and installations must be demolished to do manner for new high rise constructions. This indicates that for many Australians who have worked difficult to buy/own their ain place in the interior suberbs of major metropoliss. it will be a battle for them. due to the fact that their house/dwelling or belongings will diminish in value. As the population additions. the sum of vehicles additions aswell. “In 1945 there were 100 autos per 1000 people. by 1970 there were about 500 autos per 1000 people” ( Forster 2004. p. 17 ) . this will do traffic congestion within the metropoliss.

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As a consequence of traffic congestion. pollution degrees will increase. This will negatively impact peoples wellness and good being. Along with the inconviences of urban consolidation on the mundane life style. wellness issues can besides be inflated. Childhood fleshiness is more likely to happen in kids that were raised in countries of urban consolidation instead than a kid raised in a suburban country. “urban sprawl communities separate people’s places from shops. offices. services and eating houses. This makes it about impossible for people to transport out their errands. featuring activities or travel to work without utilizing their car” ( Lopez 2004 ) .

This is largly due to the fact that kids raised in urban consolidation by and large have small entree to big Parkss and resort areas and would hold to travel out of their manner to be extremely active on a regular footing. where as kids in suburban countries have entree to these big Parkss and out-of-door drama countries. There can be many negatives with life in an urban amalgamate country which can be an overcrowding in kindergarden and schools. drawn-out waiting lists to seek medical attending and a possible demand to go farther distances to acquire to bigger and better-equipped shopping territories.

These demands negate the value of urban consolidation in that if many people will still be required to go moderate or drawn-out distances to entree installations so they would be better off to populate farther into the suberbs where the shops/facilities are good equipped. In decision. the policies of urban consolidation would be extremely good and have great results in all major Australian metropoliss if the predating steps were taken attention of anterior or at the same clip to taking action against urban conurbation.

Although there are some positives to urban consolidation. such as lower car addiction and increased convinience. the many negatives outweigh them. In the long term the policies of urban consolidation may profit some major metropoliss in Australia. but given the current state of affairs in which many metropoliss are non developing at the same rate as urban consolidation is impacting them. it stands that urban consolidation is non the reply to environmental sustainability for Australian metropoliss.


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