University education Essay

Drumhead: This article is about the assorted different thoughts to act upon college pupils to go to category. Several professors feel that by utilizing the students’ attending and their category engagement as portion of their class that more pupils would go to category. Studies show that pupils who attend category are more likely to acquire higher graduation rates. Some pupils feel that the information taught in category should besides be available online. which consequences in pupils non coming to category. The research workers are stating that by the professors delighting the pupils. has led to easier categories where pupils don’t larn every bit much as they used to.

Ultimately. the pick is the pupils and the 1s that show up to category are the 1s acquiring the most information. and higher success rates. Essay: College attending rates are traveling down every bit good as graduation rates. College pupils wonder why there non graduating or go throughing their categories. I’ll tell you why several pupils are neglecting. Students have a duty to demo up to category to larn the information taught so they can go through. but if pupils don’t show up they can’t receive that information. So with pupils non traveling to category they don’t receive all the information needed to go through trial. tests. and complete prep assignments.

Should attendance be a portion of the students’ class? I feel that if the students’ attending is incorporated into their class that more pupils are traveling to acquire lower classs. The pupils are at that place to better themselves and if they don’t want to demo up to category so they are merely aching themselves. The pupils know that if they don’t attend category so they won’t receive all the information to make good and go through the category. I agree with research worker Marcus Crede that compulsory attending at the college degree is the incorrect attack.

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Professors should act upon their pupils to come to category in other ways than utilizing attending as portion of their class. The easiest solution to this job is for the pupils to go to category. All college pupils shouldn’t have to be told this because they know what is expected of them and what they have to make to go through. Graduation rates should increase every bit long as the pupils attend category and pay attending. Students’ attending shouldn’t have to be a per centum of their class. but if that’s what it takes to increase graduation rates so that’s what will hold to go on.

So if you want to be a successful college pupil you need to go to category. pay attending. and survey for your trial and test. Contemplation: I feel that I did a good occupation explicating the cardinal points of the article in my ain words. Besides I think that I put all the cardinal points in the right paragraphs. My failings are reiterating myself in different words. Besides non explicating my ideas clearly and easy understood. I used excessively many of my ain ideas without any illustrations from the text to explicate my ideas.


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