United States by allowing law Essay

The Bill of Rights and the Patriot Act are by far two of the states most noteworthy articles in sing governmental power over United States citizens. The Bill of Rights was amendments 1-10 that were ratified in 1791 in the First United States Congress. These amendments would restrict the powers of the federal authorities. by protecting the rights of all occupants and visitants of the United States. or their districts ( achive. gov ) . The Patriot Act of 2001 was enacted to assist protect the United States by leting jurisprudence enforcement and intelligence bureaus to portion information and tools. they use on felons. against terrorists ( whitehouse. gov ) .

It is designed to disable terrorist cells that form both a domestic and abroad menace. However. this peculiar act has come under great argument and while rubing the surface may look to conflict on Article IV of the Bill of Rights. Article IV of the Bill of Rights sates. “The right of the people to be secure in their individuals. houses. documents. and effects. against unreasonable hunts and ictuss. shall non be violated. and no warrants shall publish but upon likely cause. supported by curse or avowal. and peculiarly depicting the topographic point to be search. and the individuals or things to be sized ( Cornell. jurisprudence. erectile dysfunction ) .

” With this being said. the Patriot Act allows the federal authorities the power to entree medical and revenue enhancement records. flag book buys or leases. and to carry on secret hunts without informing the proprietor for hebdomads or months ( American Civil Liberties Union 2008 ) . However. the Patriot Act is much deeper than that of a rouge authorities making whatever they please. It enables the proper coaction. and obtains the necessary information. assisting to interrupt down the thick walls of the legal and bureaucratic walls dividing unsafe felons from intelligence officers ( whitehouse.

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gov ) . Imagine it going more effortless to track down a drug dealer’s contact records opposed to a terrorist’s contacts before the Patriot Act. By obtaining recognition card records the United States authorities tracked and found grosss from the records associating it to an al-Qaida fundraiser ( whitehouse. gov ) . It would be safe to reason that both articles have one common trapping – both articles were written in attempts to protect the lives of United State citizens.

The cardinal rules of the Article IV are right. On the other manus. it is of import that the authorities stops at no length to protect its people from domestic and foreign onslaught. And because of the Patriot Act. jurisprudence enforcement agents halted terrorist cells in our backyard: Ohio. New York. Virginia and Oregon. Besides. helped in the prosecution of terrorist secret agents and their support systems in California. Illinois. New Jersey. Texas. and North Carolina ( whitehouse.

gov ) . References Constitution. 21 March 2008. Cornell University. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. jurisprudence. Cornell. edu/constitution/constitution. billofrights. html US Patriot Act 2003. American Civil Liberties Union ( ACL ) . . 21 March 2008. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. aclu. org/safefree/resources/17343res2003111 United States Government Archives. The Charters of Freedom: Bill of Rights. US Patriot Act. 22 March 2008. The United States White House. ttp: //www. whitehouse. gov/infocus/patriotact


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