Unit Question Essay

Transnational crime Is a crime with multiple meaning, which Is consider to be crime committed in one or more states, but extensive part of its preparation, planning, direction or control takes place In another state (Boom & Haley. 2008, p. 532), It Is an organized crime that have spread across borders that involving groups working in more than one country to arrange and carry out criminal dealing speculations. Transnational organized crime groups have also been involved in hijacking, terrorism, and civil wars (Boom & Haley, 2008, p. 535).

Some significant criminal activities of orientations crime groups are noticeable in numerous varieties, including as cybercafé, trafficking in drugs, attempt to damage government organizations, money laundering, smuggling weapons and even persons. For example, criminals over and over again use the internet to commit a large amount of offenses known as cyber crimes such as the recent activity of the Target scandal. In which thieves stole over 40 million of Target’s customer credit card numbers, and unfortunately I was one of the victims of that Incident.

Despairingly, In the future law enforcement agencies should enhance their fight against transnational organized crime. References Boom, R. M. , & Haley, K. N. (2008). Introduction to criminal Justice (5th De. ). McGraw- Hill, New York, NY. Cyber crime is a major concern facing the general public today, due to the fact that you have a lot of people trying to infiltrate the government, the high increase on Identity theft online and the high Increase on credit card scam. For example, If military personnel leave there Common Access Card (CA) card in their computers and a criminal steal the card give them access to lots of government document.

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Those issue requiring law makers and law enforcement agencies to take action throughout our nation. I think everyone should be aware of cyber threats and the actions they can take to protect their own information. The President recently said, “Cyber security is not an end unto itself: it Is Instead an obligation that our governments and societies must take on willingly, to ensure that innovation continues to flourish, drive markets, and improve lives. ” (U. S. Department of Homeland Security, 2011) Cyber crime impact victims’ in ways such as financial losses, heft of Intellectual property, health and safety.

The major challenges that affect law enforcement investigations and prosecution is trying to locate the criminals and taking them into custody may not be possible due to lack of Jurisdiction over them. Law enforcement Jurisdiction Is one of the most Important Limitations that affect the consequences of cybercafé prosecution. Boom, R. M. , & Haley, K. N. (2008). Introduction to criminal justice (5th De. ). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill. Brenner, S. (2004). U. S. cybercafé law: Defining offenses. 1 OFF


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