Uniqlo In Hong Kong Business Essay

Many concerns exist and flourish because they are successful in fulfilling a demand in the market. These demands are determined by the consumers who are considered an of import constituent of any concern enterprise. The primary ground for a concern being is to go on placing consumer demands and so come up with touchable responses to turn to these demands. This demand makes concern companies spend a considerable sum of attempt and mind in analyzing the behavior of the consumers in order to efficaciously explicate appropriate selling schemes that would help the house in effectual production and bringing.

Smart, D. T. , & A ; Martin, C. L. ( 1992 ) argued that the survey of consumers makes companies and administrations recognise and internalise consumer issues that would assist beef up their selling schemes. In this paper several issues are discussed refering to manner and vesture merchandises and services offered by UNIQLO in Hong Kong. UNIQLO Co. , Ltd. was originated in Japan. The company ‘s concern line is about vesture and manner. But fundamentally, the company is one of the taking vesture and manner concern in Japan that design, industry and retail insouciant wears.

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Initially, UNIQLO Co. , Ltd. was merely a division of Fast Retailing Co. , Ltd. but by November 1, 2005, UNIQLO Co. , Ltd. come into the image through corporate restructuring and presently bing as a 100 % amalgamate subordinate of Fast Retailing. UNIQLO was now listed at the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In Japan, UNIQLO is the taking vesture retail concatenation in footings of both gross revenues and net incomes. And as of 2010, the company are besides runing in Hong Kong, China, United Kingdom, South Korea, France, Singapore and United States.

UNIQLO formed the thought of blending of ‘unique ‘ and ‘clothing ‘ as an symbol of originality and singularity of the dress industry in Japan. UNIQLO offers stylish and high quality vesture at sensible monetary values, and was seized as an chance to set up a trade name place domestically and internationally, uniting all the aspects of the concern from merchandise design to concluding gross revenues and the operation of the 790 shops around the Earth.

Chiefly murdering for a extremely trade name witting consumer group, UNIQLO envisions itself as a taking planetary insouciant wear company aiming high gross revenues and profitableness growing. For UNIQLO, such purpose could happen based on the established schemes such as low cost direction, cheapest industry and selling agendas and prioritizing client demands. Presents, UNIQLO is described as the dress giant Gap, Inc. ‘s opposite number based on the 4, 000 % portion monetary value addition, doing UNIQLO as Japan ‘s 3rd largest vesture retail merchant.

However, it is non ever triumph for UNIQLO ; the subordinate besides has its ain portion of downswings particularly on its international enlargement. For case, enlargement programmes in the United Kingdom ( UK ) saw a disruptive lurch in net incomes, coercing Fast Retailing to close down 16 of the 21 UNIQLO shops opened, because of competition. Most late, three UNIQLO shops in New Jersey were besides closed because of economic slacks. Despite these facts, UNIQLO maintains the spirit and still believed that the trade name has merely but manner frontward.

How UNIQLO will traveling to make such is cardinal to this paper, concentrating on the company ‘s strategic direction. External, industry and rival analysis every bit good as the internal environment will be addressed. In manner and vesture concern in Hong Kong, the merchandises and services offered by retail merchants that have strong trade names are booming because they are easier to retrieve or they are already popular and are known for the quality.

Companies like UNIQLO, H & A ; M, and Giordano are giving their best to construct their trade name name or trade name individualities because it helps consumers easy place the merchandise every bit good as get a rich set of symbols and significances embodied by merchandises. For successfully developed and managed trade name names, the connexions that frequenters make with the trade name name creates value, or trade name equity, that can be a extremely valued plus to the house that develops the trade name ( Meyers-Levy, Louie, & A ; Curren, 1994 ) .

In the context of UNOQLO, political factors have direct consequence on concern behaviors and operations. Decisions made by the affects the decision-making of retail merchants and could come in the signifier of policy or statute law. In Hong Kong, the ‘one state, two systems ‘ is the prevailing administration doctrine which endows the particular administrative part with a high grade of liberty and its capitalist economic system.

Within a capitalistic and free market-oriented economic system, retail companies make the bulk of microeconomic determinations but they have to conform to specific understandings. Mainland and HK Closer Partnership Economic Arrangement ( CEPA ) and the US-China Textile Memorandum of Understanding are two illustrations of this. The former provides UNIQLO with a tariff-free intervention, saying that merchandises which have no bing CEPA regulations of beginning will bask tariff-free intervention upon applications by local makers.

The latter could supply UNIQLO with an chance for an one-year growing of 8-17 % in 21 classs of Chinese fabrics and vesture exports to the US. Labor and customary ordinances every bit good as codification of behaviors are besides complied into including China Social Compliance 9000 and US and EU quotas ( RSCA 2006 ; Doshi 2006 ) . Domestically and globally, concerns are besides being affected by economic factors whereby a strong economic system indicates positive consequences and weak economic system signifies the opposite, impacting both concerns and consumers.

Hong Kong ‘s gross domestic merchandise is estimated at US $ 206. 7bn with the service sector that contributes 90 % of the entire GDP. The part is besides named as the universe ‘s 11th largest trading entity. Almost 50 % of the entire population is employed full-time and the unemployment rate has a uninterrupted mean diminution by 4. 1 % , doing temperament of income a possibility, a lower cost of life that is ( Monthly Digest 2008 ) . Spending is by and large devoted for nutrient, lodging, health care, transit, amusement, services and dress.

Peoples presents are really peculiar with ‘investing in quality ‘ vesture thereby restart passing with premium dress discoveries ( Doshi 2006 ) . Gaining this, the monetary value and quality features of UNIQLO has a strategic tantrum ; UNIQLO makes people look stylish and confident in first apparels at a sensible monetary value through the company-wide integrating of the Specialty Store Retailer of Private Label Apparel ( SPA ) theoretical account, a low-priced but effectual operation theoretical account.

Demography or the population features may find purchasing forms and that understanding demographic alterations within a peculiar part or topographic point facilitates finding whether merchandises and services would appeal to clients every bit good as the figure of possible clients ( Barney and Hesterly 2006, p. 35 ) . Hong Kong has a sum of 6, 985, 300 population based on 2008 estimation and is continuously turning due to immigrant inflow from Mainland. Harmonizing to Doshi, people in HK and elsewhere hold a turning involvement in private labels.

Consumers aspired for holding private degrees on mundane garments. Casual wear from HK which is known for good design and quality has a positive image on planetary consumers. Nevertheless, international trade names are concentrated in high-end consumers while domestic trade names are for low-end consumers ( Doshi, 2006 ) . In taking advantage of the wealth of the human ecology, UNIQLO makes attempt on supplying high-quality ware and bring forthing values to the society by revenue enhancements.

Further, UNIQLO is a company that is committed in making positive repute as manifested in its vision and mission, manners of direction, ways of making concern and demands to employees. Technological inventions are a precedence for the dress retailing industry but it will stay as labour intensive as it is today. Hiking the industry ‘s productiveness, increased in mechanization has been the recent tendency but it is limited on specific maps, to which largely require human intercession such as stitching and doing forms. Although there are computerised run uping machines that increase the productiveness and cut down preparation clip.

Further, the utilizations of computing machine system package intended for the industry will be on doing unsmooth studies, publishing elaborate designs and storing of information for easy retrieval. The client orientation of UNIQLO was fundamentally construed from its web site in which clients can give feedbacks by electronic mail and treatment board. Hong Kong Productivity Council made a study unwraping that the dress industry could do sense of information engineering ( IT ) if utilise for order processing, bing analysis, order trailing, material direction, coverage and connectivity ( 2004 ) .

As with any other concern industry of the universe, there are regulations and ordinances that restrict or support the facilitation of the concern in the vesture and manner market in the countries where UNIQLO operates. There are presently no major environmental issues faced by the UNIQLO in Hong Kong, except for the ever-present fabric and silk production issue which catch conservationists ‘ attending dice to the fact that some of its natural stuffs and from the tegument of rare animate beings.

Barney & A ; Hesterly ( 2006, p. 3 ) point out that new entrants are the houses which have either late begun operations or those that threaten to get down operations within an industry shortly. Notably, the dress industry is a buyer-driven industry where manufacturers are sing purchaser ‘s decision-making particularly when trade name names enter the image. These buyer-centric industries have low barriers to entry chiefly because of intense competition. Using trade names as a market power beginning ; nevertheless, this is a challenge for every vesture company.

In the vesture concern, mass customisation has seen to be the most effectual scheme. Puting strategises into action remains to be in resiliency today ( Culpan 2002 ) . Therefore, the focal point must be on understating the costs without giving quality and to make this, managerial cognize how is a must in order to understand interactions with providers and consumers, to ease creativeness and invention and to keep mobility in accommodating to new market demands ( Kincade, Regan and Gibson 2007 ) .

Building trade name consciousness and consumer trueness is a dearly-won enterprise since it involves publicizing needed non merely to advance the trade name but besides on prolonging consciousness and trueness. Strengthening trade name names besides requires that there are ‘quick response ‘ plans to increase grosss and manage hazards. One of UNIQLO ‘s major resources is its trade name name, which is now synonymous with comfy, high quality and inexpensive vesture wares.

Although trade name consciousness outside the place state is a challenge, it is of intangible value to UNIQLO as a concern plus. Trade names are valuable and rare and reputable trade names are acquired through the feelings one has of the company, and its merchandises or services. Since a trade name name is built overtime it becomes dearly-won to copy thereby supplying a sustainable competitory advantage in the dress industry ( Groucutt, Lydley and Forsyth 2004, p. 285 ) .

Either in place or host states, dresss, accoutrements and ware will ever hold a rival which normally fluctuates in size. The modern market tendencies for the dress industry are globalization and intensified competition, increasing monetary value and lower net income border force per unit areas, little measure with high complexness orders, shorter lead times, multiple location operation, altering client demands and liberalization on fabric and vesture quota that creates new market kineticss.

Bing antiphonal to these market trends shifts the focal point of the dress industry for more extended merchandise development and betterments at the least possible cost. Such status forces companies to deviate on merchandise distinction because of high exchanging cost. In an industry where merchandises are deemed to be ‘equal ‘ , the cardinal beginnings of distinction are trade name image, repute and anterior being ( Byoungho 2004b ) . For UNIQLO, the merchandises themselves are an of import beginning of competitory border.

UNIQLO strives at developing merchandises of high quality, in assorted aggregations to enable the company to make the highest possible figure of clients. As such, the challengers would be endangered when it comes to presenting advanced merchandises. UNIQLO is positioned in the manner capitals of the universe for the intent of taking advantage of the new information about manner tendencies. UNIQLO ‘s ability to rapidly accommodate to tendencies and new markets has helped them develop merchandise distinction, something that is cardinal to the company ‘s success in the dress industry.

Harmonizing to Tokle ( 1990 ) , merchandise distinction is what separates the top rivals from the remainder, but it something that is non dearly-won to copy. This is why their merchandise distinction is merely a impermanent competitory advantage. Competitive advantage could be achieved one time the administration learns to pull off its capablenesss that the terminal consumers could appreciate and rivals would happen troubles copying ( Porter 1985 ; Roney 2004 ) .

Casual wear is really peculiar with loose-fit, comfy and relaxed tantrum. Athletic or active wear was perceived to be the closest replacement to insouciant wear as manifested by the flourishing athletic wear industry. Typically worn as insouciant manner vesture, active garbs could supply disincentive in the industry. Furthermore, the film overing limit on the insouciant vesture household could be besides seen as an chance for replacements. Specialised shops offer semi-casual, smart insouciant and concern insouciant lines.

Semi-casual apparels are less presentational than informal but are non every bit loose as insouciant frocks. Smart insouciant intents conservative expressions but with harmoniousness on colourss, cloths, places and accoutrements. Business insouciant, on the other manus, varies in definition but the common component is the neckband. Gaining this, the bottomline now is the monetary value. Furthermore, based on the SPA concern theoretical account, all the necessary maps at UNIQLO falls under a individual umbrella particularly the inbound logistics and the production.

UNIQLO is an illustration of a cut-make-trim company in which in which the company buy the cloth and retain ownership of the natural stuffs and work-in-process, and so doing it difficult for challengers to copy or bring forth replacements for UNQILO trade names. The monetary values and handiness of normally used cloths such as cotton, blends, synthetics and wools might fluctuate significantly due to its dependance on demand, harvest outputs, conditions, supply conditions, transit costs, authorities ordinances and economic status among others ( Byoungho 2004a ) .

Quota is the major factor that affects the demand and supply of fabric and cloths. Even though the sale of natural stuffs is standardised, independent contractors, natural stuff providers, importers and dress fabrication houses could non insulate themselves from such scenario because of the prospective ricketiness in the supply concatenation ( Chetty 1999 ) . As good, because of forward perpendicular integrating, coupled with the low barrier to entry, providers could easy go challengers. In going menace of entry, providers could be besides go a rival to already established dress makers.

In add-on, contractors is besides one of the menaces when the demand of the labour additions, it will do labour costs monetary value rising prices. Laszlo ( 2008 ) emphasis that there are five chief parts of the dress value concatenation including natural stuff supply, proviso of constituents ; production webs ; export channels and selling webs at the retail degree. Through the procedure, UNIQLO has an ownership on production and thereby a complete control on the supplies procurance. UNIQLO insources its production and handles the bulk of the operational inside informations.

Sourcing is a go-to in the dress industry but it is non rare although it can add value to UNIQLO. Reaching more and diverse consuming group, the dress industry is both a stable and unstable industry. Stable because choice monetary value and quality merchandises are the chief component and unstable because there are many factors that affect both monetary value and quality. In the point of ingestion, for case, there are ‘middle work forces ‘ such as the retail shops that offer an array of trade names.

In buying manufactured dress, retail shops could hold influence on doing important demands and demands on their purchase, impacting monetary values. Though quality is built-in, monetary values would non be sensible at all, and alternate vesture is readily available. This explains why apparel fabrication companies are puting up their ain base along shops which will provide to their ain green goods. Important is that dress shops must non fall dependant on s specific category of client. Buyers are progressively looking to prefer above standard dress with a much lower cost, doing dress less differentiated.

When selling straight to consumers, purchasers would incur a important part of their dispensable hard currency. Lapp goes with retail shop, they purchase dress at the least possible concluding cost, but adds up to monetary values of dress. UNIQLO is involve in selling to the clients through forte shop selling, with a minimalist scheme of ‘pile ’em high, sell ‘ em cheap ‘ construct that is. In add-on, the unbranded manner or the no-logo construct was perceived to be the chief grounds for people ‘s warm attending ( Williamson 2007 ; Parrish, Cassill and Oxenham 2006 ) .


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