Undermining Its Own Bold Policies Essay

After the terrorist onslaught to the World Trade Center in New York last September 11. 2001. the whole universe was shaken particularly the American people. It was an onslaught that devastated the bosom of America. It was an onslaught that no American expected. Such onslaught made the universe freezing in torment. It was so annihilating that killed the lives of about 1. 200 people and destroyed belongingss. The biggest impact of such onslaught was the fright inculcated to the heads of the American populace.

It was the biggest and most annihilating onslaught that hit the United States of America. Many people’s lives were changed that twenty-four hours. But this is non the lone terrorist onslaught that was made in the US dirt. Many preceded this onslaught and many will besides follow. The menace is ever there hanging around the corner. Terrorism is at hand. There are many definitions of a terrorist but a terrorist can be defined in a simple manner. A terrorist can merely be defined as one who wants to bring down harm to the populace and the authorities.

One who engages in Acts of the Apostless or an act of terrorist act. one who leads an armed group that kills civilians as a agency of political bullying. one who targets civilian airliners and ships. one who leads a group that engages in snatch and slaying. one who uses colza and slaying for political intents. one who designates civilians as “soft targets” to be attacked in the cause of political transmutation and one who facilitates a slaughter of civilians. Terrorists are deemed to be unsafe with no clemency even in guiltless civilians that come their manner. These are people who claim to kill in the name of God and for the improvement of world.

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Therefore. with the presence of terrorists. everyone’s life is in changeless danger. It is difficult to happen a topographic point in this universe now that is free from danger and free from any unreasonable onslaughts. HUMANITARIAN CONSIDERATIONS IN WAR Our history is non merely a past narrative of bloody revolutions and armed struggle. It besides signifies the development of regard in human rights and self-respect. non merely in times of peace. but besides in unstable times of wars and struggles. History unfolds how international human-centered jurisprudence develops by larning from the bloody leftovers left by every war.

Human rights and self-respect. even at times of war. has been entitled to a paramount consideration and acknowledgment. and is a responsibility that every province should detect and esteem even amidst belligerencies. The rules “jus in bello” or regulations sing the behavior of war. which have been the topic of many-sided pacts does non wholly cover with the mode or method of the behavior of war. The rules laid in this have for its chief consideration the behavior of war that would non incur unreasonable and indefensible harm particularly to civilian or non-combatants.

The immoralities brought by many wars to those who are non involved. and those who are non supposed to be involved has continued to rouse the consciousness and sensitiveness of many states to come up to a by and large accepted norms and principles to avoid and forestall the immoralities of war. Hence. human-centered considerations has continued to germinate. until the attainment of the permanent peace sought by all states which will extinguish all immoralities. force and unfairnesss. every bit good as the possibility of war and armed struggles in the approaching yearss.

The Torahs sing the behavior of warfare has been the topic of the recent pacts and many-sided understandings in order to forestall unneeded. inordinate and unreasonable casualties and indirect harm. The behavior of war should be free of any engagement and engagement of the civilians. or of those who do non take any active portion therein. In most cases. the past history of war reveals that it is the guiltless civilians and non-combatants who suffered the gravest casualty.

Hence. certain international regulations have been developed and given such legal consequence. in pacts and imposts. and in such other by and large accepted beginnings of international jurisprudence. to define the behavior of war and bound the combat among the battlers and minimise if non forestall any civilian casualty and indirect harm. While it is a fact that war and armed struggle is inevitable in human and province being. these regulations. nevertheless. have gained an of import topographic point and have been given such weight as to be by and large applicable in about all instances of belligerencies or wars. both international and internal.

There are fundamentally two common beginnings of international human-centered jurisprudence. which are the pacts and imposts. Treaties. the most abundant beginning of international jurisprudence. entered into by provinces constitutes as the jurisprudence between them. These pacts seek to modulate the dealingss between two or a few a few States. Some pacts. particularly those entered into by most province may be considered law-making and therefore treated as a beginning of general. and other provinces who are non signers thereto are bound to detect them.

International human-centered jurisprudence supplying for the protection of guiltless civilians. the individuals “hors in combat” . the medical forces and units. the objects and installing necessary for endurance. among others. has been the topic of several recent pacts after World War I. The Hague convention in 1907. the assorted Geneva Conventions. the Genocide Convention of 1952. and the Additional Protocols I and II have been an ample beginning of international regulations which binds every member-signatory.

Other beginnings of international do-gooder which have some forceful and persuasive acceptation may be resorted to wish the sentiment of the celebrated experts in the human-centered jurisprudence. the determinations of the International Court of Justice. and the by and large recognized rules of international jurisprudence which could assist lucubrate and find the true significance of human-centered Torahs. THE US MILITARY There is ever the at hand possibility of war. A certain state will ne’er cognize with certainty when it is the right clip to cite its soldiers to contend and take on the enemy.

Wars mean even giving one’s life if you are in the armed forces. It has ever been necessary for states to hold strong and chiseled military civilizations built upon ancient traditions and regard for history. Readiness is ever of import to a military. The citizens of the province should develop a sense of patriotism and nationalism with a common position and dedication that all members of the state must render responsibility to protect and support. This is how military establishments should be. They must be founded and established holding a common end to protect their state.

This will make a common end and vision in the military and single soldiers’ chase in every combat and enterprise. There is no military organisation in the universe that is more disciplined. motivated and sophisticated as the United States military. The US military is the most trained military personnels in the universe. The organisation is divided into different service groups. viz. . the ground forces. the air force and the naval forces. Not merely are these persons trained to contend and support their nation’s freedom. they are besides taught to function and reply the call of responsibility during catastrophe and deliverance operations.

They represent a new strain of intelligent and gifted people whose flexibleness can be mobilized at any given clip and topographic point in conformity with a clear and specific aim. The United States military is a group of people who can be assigned to reconstruct order in any topographic point in the universe today and can be seen in community services anyplace tomorrow. These persons comprise a squad that will make anything to acquire the occupation done. With the menace of a atomic war is ever present and the weaponries race in cheque. the ground forces is redefining its function nationally and internationally.

But the organisation still has to enroll a figure of people to make full in the different lifting demands of the state. The immature population of today is attracted. non by the advertizements posted on the side but by the challenges being offered by the ground forces in peculiar. and the armed forces in general. After high school. a important figure of immature work forces get an application and fall in the ground forces. Even persons holding college grades want to be a portion of this elect group of people. The military environment is a good topographic point to get down for idealistic and independent people.

The United States ground forces has imposed criterions to do this subdivision of service be the best in the universe. However. the organisation is besides taking opportunities on individuals with different backgrounds and personalities that have shown a grade of unrecognised potency. This is where this service becomes different from other groups or bureaus. Once inside the military barracks. drafted persons are molded into the sort of individual the ground forces wants its plebes to be. disciplined. brave. brave. respectful. obedient and smart.

US AGIANST CRIMES TO HUMANITY AND TERRORISM For at least two centuries it has been absolute tenet that the International Humanitarian Law particularly that concentrating on indirect harm and civilian casualties. applies every bit to all parties to a struggle. irrespective of which is moving in self-defence. This has been confirmed by really long-standing province pattern and universally acknowledged legal literature. The lone point of contention has been whether in an armed struggle. the restraints are built-in in self-defense jurisprudence.

The bulk of the sentiment argued that the restraints in the jurisprudence of self-defense applied in add-on to those of human-centered jurisprudence. others argued that one time the necessity for self-defence had arisen. the lone restraints were those contained in human-centered jurisprudence. The United Sates of America is known to be one of the states that wants terrorist act and offenses against humanity be abolished. The united States have a strong policy together with its Alliess against terrorist act and offenses against humanity.

In recent old ages. the United States Military invaded Afghanistan in order to prosecute and set to justice the terrorist group known as Al Qeada Headed by Osama Bin Laden. The US Military besides invaded Iraq holding an nonsubjective to halt Saddam Hussein from developing arms of mass devastation and to set him to justness of offenses against humanity he committed against many of his citizens. The United States together with its Alliess fundamentally are blatantly opposing terrorist act and offenses against humanistic disciplines.

It is the state that is in front line of the war against improper aggression and undue onslaughts to guiltless people. this in one of its dedications and rules. US WEAPONS’ SALES The United States of America is a state that is known for its fire power and technologically advanced arms. They have the domination in footings of arms as compared to other states. The US military is invariably developing arms in order to ever hold an advantage in warfare. But the US military is non merely doing arms for the usage of its military.

They besides sell arms. Selling arms in this helter-skelter universe is one of the biggest or possibly the biggest concern. Weapons are sold in really high monetary value and many states who want to be armed and technologically progress in their weaponries buy these arms. “The United States is the largest provider of arms to developing states. presenting more than $ 9. 6 billion in weaponries to Near East and Asiatic states last twelvemonth. The U. S. gross revenues to the developing states helped hike world-wide arms gross revenues to the highest degree since 2000. a congressional survey says.

The entire world-wide value of all understandings to sell weaponries last twelvemonth was close to $ 37 billion. and about 59 per centum of the understandings were to sell arms to developing states. harmonizing to the Congressional Research Service report” ( Baldor. 2005 ) . In the twelvemonth 2004. it has been reported that 42 % of arm bringings to developing states was done by the United States of America. These figures show that the United States has the domination non merely in holding the most technologically advanced arms but besides holding the most of minutess in selling arms.

Russia merely ranks 2nd to United Sates in this respect in which they are the largest supplier for China’s arms. The leader in arms engineering is besides the leader in arm merchandising. The United States has so a big market in footings of selling arms because of the big demand for peace and order. Chaos is ever been the job of every state in the universe. Every state has to contend rebellion. terrorist act and even domestic offenses. The United Sates provenders on instability for their arms concern to win because there is so large money in war and in selling arms.

Today. one of the biggest economic ventures is selling arms. arms that are deemed by states to be a demand. To accomplish peace and order is ever been the ground in desiring to increase fire power. One of the states that the United States sold arms is Indonesia. This state is known for its taking control of East Timor in 1975. In taking over East Timor. it has been said that the Indonesian authorities committed a batch of human rights misdemeanors.

“Since so. the Indonesian authorities has been responsible for killing between 100. 000 and 200. 000 East Timorese — up to about a 3rd of the island’s pre-invasion population. depending on whose figures you believe” ( Larsen ) . This is a considerable sum of people deceasing in the custodies of the Indonesian authorities. A batch of human rights motions were initiated in order to halt the mindless violent deaths of guiltless civilians. anguish. and warrant-less apprehensions. The Acts of the Apostless of the Indonesian authorities were condemned by many states around the universe. No individual in the right head would digest improper aggressions and offenses against humanity.


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