UMW Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

Mums Corporate Social Responsibly Response MUM Holdings finds It self commuted to reducing water and alarm pollution by along to educe the volatile organic compound emissions (VOCE), reduction on the use of substances of concern (SOC), promoting the effective use of resources, adapting International environmental standards, as well as reducing water consumption. MUM Is also committed to addressing the problem of high energy consumption by enhancing energy efficiencies throughout its plant facility.

MUM also aims at addressing the high energy consumption of the public as well as its internal operations. MUM Holdings Bertha is also committed to raising awareness regarding he environment as well as its deteriorating factors amongst its partners by conducting carbon dioxide reduction training, introducing partners to Dealers Environmental Risk Assessment Programmer (DREAR) as well as getting partners to attain ISO 14001. MUM is also committed to raising environmental awareness amongst its employees.

They conduct environmental talks held by environmental specialist as well as hold dialogue sessions amongst its employees. In the community, MUM has developed programs such as Toyota CEO Youth Programmer which is aimed o secondary schools whereby school students are taught about drain and river pollutions and methods to hello reduce them. Besides that, the Toyota CEO Rangers which is also targeted towards secondary schools, is a tree planting programmer whereby over 9000 planted trees are expected to offset a significant amount of carbon dioxide in 15 years time.

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The MUM Green Challenge Programmer on the other hand is aimed at getting students in secondary schools to reduce the schools carbon footprint (MUM Holdings Bertha Corporate Social Responsibility Summary Report 2012). Comparison with Ford Australia Ford Australia is a competitor of MUM Toyota Motors that Is based In Australia. Ford Australia has also implemented many measures to reduce Its carbon footprint on the environment as well as educating the public on carbon footprint and environmental issues.

Ford Australia addresses Its plants high energy consumption by using Energy Saving Mode (SEEMS) In Its paint shop ventilation system whereby Its normal rated capacity conserves energy up to 20%. To handle the Issue of reducing water consumption. Ford Australia Is also engaged In actively such as Greening Australia which helps Australians to achieve sustainable land and water management. This is done through Improving plants and greenery management practices.

All funds needed for these greening programs are made possible by the employees through deduction of their payroll. (Ford Australia Sustainability Report 2012). Identified problems and Recommendations The top problem that MUM has at hand is the carbon footprint that has contributed towards air pollution in terms of its transportation of its materials and finished products and as well as the manufacturing of its products. Climate change is Hough to be directly linked to the rise of air pollution.

Other problems may include Ism’s involvement in reducing water pollution and consumption as well as the difficulties in raising awareness amongst the public. There a few recommendations to solve the problem of air pollution at hand. This may include switching energy options in the workplace as well as in their car products. Hydrogen cells is a new innovative way to switch energy sources. Hydrogen cells produce zero emission and run on compressed hydrogen fed into a fuel cell “stack” that produces electricity to power the vehicle.


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