UMUC Haircuts Areas for IT Concentration Essay

In last few phases of our analysis and an IT solution was proposed of holding a client programming package used to assist pull off UMUC Haircuts client agenda. The package that was looked at was BOOKFRESH scheduling package. This package would let clients to order Myra’s agenda for her and let for easy reappraisal via a computing machine used at work. place. or even on nomadic platform devices. Although this adds another manner of scheduling assignments. this removes a batch of unneeded stairss that were present earlier in the flow of the procedure. This streamlines the procedure and makes it harder for clients to be turned away from UMUC Haircuts since most will do their ain assignments and the old ways are still present merely refined. All-in-all this creates more gross for UMUC Haircuts and adds small disbursal to the salon over all.

GENERIC STRATEGY: Narrow Market/High Cost

Procedure TO BE IMPROVED: Customer Scheduling

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UsabilityHighThe package must be easy usage so that both the client and operator can utilize it. If it is excessively complicated so the system will be a hinderance instead than a utile tool. That is why I went with BOOKFRESH it is user friendly and comes with instructional pictures for both operator and client to watch. MaintainabilityLowMaintainability is low since most care is done by the BOOKFRESH company. The lone portion of the solution that needs operator care is the computing machine used to run the package but user degree will do for that. ScalabilityN/AScalability is non applicable since BOOKFRESH handles all require ascents to the package so that it can manage more clients utilizing the package. Everything scalable wise is done by BOOKFRESH. Reliability/ AvailabilityHighIn order for clients to utilize the package it must be available for usage. Although this is another map handled by the package company it is still high since this is a needed map in the new concern procedure. ExtensibilityN/AAnother map that is handled by the package company.

This non applicable to the procedure betterment for UMUC Haircuts. PortabilityMediumSince this package is nomadic and traditional type package this gives Myra the ability to manage her agenda from one machine to the following ( Office Personal computer to Home Tablet ) . Depending on the type of OS being used this requires for the package to be compatible on multiple systems. Fortunately BOOKFRESH can be used as Mobile or traditional package so this should non do any issues. SecurityHighOne of the outstanding things about package is that clients can pay utilizing recognition card through the package. This requires for a secure login so that they know their information is protected. That portion is done by BOOKFRESH they protect and backup all personal informations. Why this is so high is that operators can travel back into logs and expression at dealing inside informations. Since they can make this requires a grade of security and trust that must be instilled into the local operator of the package. All though this does non refer to the purpose solution. it is still really necessary since clients will utilize this package to pay for services before they arrive at the salon. Data QualityHighThis is a really of import to the serviceability of the package.

If the truth is off i. e. client wants a shampoo but the stylist reads that they want a dye. so this will wholly destruct concern since no one will desire to come to a salon that doesn’t even cognize what their clients want done to their hair. Authentication MediumSince this package requires a degree of trust in persons. it is of import that the operator of the package has the appropriate certificates to utilize this package. You do non desire person who is willing to give their watchword so that person else can entree the information shop on the cloud waiter. EncryptionHighIn order for information to non be taken off the computing machine while being sent via the cyberspace and/or transmittal way it is necessary for proper encoding. This makes the package even more unafraid and BOOKFRESH uses encoding to procure any and all transmittals of informations. Cloud ComputingHighThis package relies on extremely on cloud calculating for storage of assignments and clients information. If the cloud goes down so does productiveness of the salon. Enterprise Systems ( ERP. CRM. SCM ) MediumSince this package allows for multiple pieces of informations to be transmitted and shop. there is chance for an endeavor to originate from it. Since you can pay online utilizing this package you can link it straight to your bank or fiscal supplier.

You can besides link it to your supply concatenation direction by expression at how many different services are requested and the sum of supplies that will necessitate to be ordered. This nevertheless doesn’t affect the concern procedure betterment since we are looking into the strategic country if clients. Communications HighEverything with this package is done via the cyberspace. With no communicating or networking facet there is no solution. Database. Data Warehouse. Data MiningHighThis is the bosom and psyche of this package. Having a competent individual apparatus to pull off this database decently will be vitally of import. This package will utilize a database to hive away all client information. agendas. payments. and employee agendas. If this portion fails the system fails. Business IntelligenceLowSince concern intelligence does non straight affect the concern procedure betterment this is set to low. Business intelligence though can pay an of import portion of this system. It can be used to happen tendencies of what services are used the most. which stylist receives the most concern and frailty versa. how frequently supplies are used. and etc. This can better her client relationship as good by being able to offer vouchers on services certain clients use the most and offering a trueness to lure clients to go on concern with them.

Transaction ProcessingMediumOnce once more this non a portion of the concern procedure betterment but it will assist with clients desiring to utilize the package to do assignments themselves. Since they can make a one halt agenda and pay this will be more convenient and less clip devouring for the client. This will do them desire to schedule their ain assignments more frequently and make less work for the salon in the manner of scheduling since the clients will hold scheduled and paid already. Decision SupportMediumSince this concern is driven on clients and the determinations they make it assist do determinations for the salon. If clients are non scheduling certain services so a determination can be made to acquire rid of that service. If clients are bespeaking a service that is non ever readily available so the determination to do it more available at certain times is made. Executive Information MediumCustomers know what they want and who they want it from. Using this information executive determination by Myra can be made. What stylist is requested the most. what service can be gotten rid of. what supplies are used the most. Is a new stylist needed to run into the demand of UMUC Haircuts services. Should UMUC Haircuts start watering place services?

This information will assist reply these inquiries. Business-to-Business eCommerceN/AThis package connects the client to the salon. There is no Business to Business e-commerce. Business-to-Consumer eCommerceLowOne of the many alone characteristics of this package is the ability to pay for your services online.


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