Typography and Creative Piece Essay

The presentation of information must be at least 5 minutes. The additional time can be used to explain or demonstrate your creative piece. Powering slides should include “key speaking points”. Slides should not be excessively wordy, and you should avoid reading off of the slides. Talk to us, not the board! 0 Your slides will be graded on creativity, use of pictures, grammatical correctness, and the overall ability to read/see the slides. Be organized, prepared, and well-spoken. Make eye contact! It should be clear that you aren’t Just “winging it”.

Be prepared to answer questions from your classmates (and definitely Ms. H) after the presentation. 3. Creative Piece (40 pots. ) You must address and explain your creative piece during your presentation. You will be graded on how your creative piece supplements your research, and above all, the amount of time/effort/sophistication put into the piece. Unfortunately, Ms. H is not “psychic” and does not know how much time you spend outside of class on this aspect… So it needs to be clear in what you turn in and/or show the class! In other words… Our creative piece should NOT look like it was made by a middle school tuned in one evening. 0 The creative piece is “open-ended”. Past creative pieces have included models, scrapbooks, music videos, songs, children’s books, display boards, class demos… The sky is the limit, as long as your piece is of quality work. Tees, 1/22 – TYPED Project Proposal due (2 detailed paragraphs, double spaced) (10 pots. ) In the first paragraph, explain your chosen topic and provide details about the subtopics/sections that will be included in your paper. Why is this topic interesting to you?

In the second paragraph, outline the details of a possibility for your creative piece. Explain how you are going to create it, and what you envision the final product to look like. The more detail you provide, the better Ms. H can guide your project in the right direction! Fri., 2/1 – TYPED Annotated Bibliography due (20 pots. ) Your bibliography should include 10 sources that you intend to use in your research paper. Each source should be cited in ML or PAP format. For each source, include a paragraph summary of what the source is about, and how it will be useful to your search.

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Wisped is NOT a valid source! Date. ) Moon, 2/25 – FINAL Research paper due for ALL students. Moon, 3/4 – Creative piece and hardcopy printout of Powering slides due for ALL students, regardless of presentation date. Moon, 3/4 to Fri., 3/8 (and Moon, 3/1 1 if needed) – Presentations will take place during class (4 per day). CRITERIA FOR GRADING: Research Paper Content: Will be assessed based on the overall quality of paper, and correctness of content. A general guide is given below. A (75-70 pots. ) B (69-64 pots. ) C (63-58 pots. ) D (57-53 pots. ) F (Below 53 pots. Chemistry content is thorough and correct; ideas are sophisticated and well- developed. Paper is organized, grammatically-correct, and displays virtually no errors in spelling/typos. Chemistry content contains some detail, is correct, and ideas are developed. Paper is organized, grammatically-correct, and displays few errors in spelling/typos. Chemistry content is general in nature, mostly correct, and ideas may not be well-developed. Paper is somewhat disorganized, with noticeable errors in grammar, spelling, and typos. D. Hypos. Guide is given below.

Paper does not have enough emphasis on chemistry (focuses too much on biology, history, etc. ) Chemistry content is vague in nature, and ideas are not particularly developed. Content may be incorrect and/or lacking in the length requirement. Paper is disorganized, with many grammatical errors. Typos and poor syntax prevent the reader from grasping the main ideas of the paper. Student overwhelmingly failed to meet the minimum length requirement for the research paper, popularized content, or did not hand in a paper on the final due date.


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