Typography and Baby Thesis Essay

Planning the Baby Thesis Plan before embarking on your own study. Determine the who, what, why, where, and how of the project. Start with the WHO. Who will implement the project? That who must be YOU and your group mates. Research Project Organize a meeting and identify the basic information about your study. Below is the matrix that will help you list down these bits of information in an organized manner. If the information cannot be identified or obtained immediately, decide on actions you will take to be able to identify them.

NOTE: Leave no spaces blank. WHO and How Questions Parameter Inputs Remarks WHAT What is the topic of your baby thesis? Topic key word What is your research question? Research problem in question form What is your research title? Convert the research question into a statement form. WHERE Where will you perform your Baby Thesis? WHEN When will you start your Baby thesis? When are you expected to submit your final paper? WHO Who are the people you need to consult regarding your baby thesis? Who will benefit from your baby thesis?

WHY Why do you want to pursue this topic? HOW How will you carry out your topic? Procedure How much will it cost? Budget Writing the Baby Thesis proposal want to pursue the project. It will inform the approving authority what your investigatory project is about and how you intend to carry out the methodology. The proposal will be about 10- 15 pages long and will contain the following sections: The Problem, The Title, Rationale, Materials, Methodology, Implication, Timetable, Budget, Proponents. The Proposal should be computer printed. 1 .

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The Problem – this section presents the research question you want to tackle. The research problem is stated in question. Examples: Ђ What are the effects of varying water hardness levels on the hatcheries of carp eggs? Which commercially available bottled orange Juice has the most vitamin C? What are the pH values of various feminine wash in the market? 2. The Title – the title of your baby thesis is worded after the research question or problem. Convert the research question into a statement based on your understanding of the project.

The title should be brief, clear, simple, catchy, and descriptive of what the study is about. Based on the sample questions mentioned, the following titles can be made: Ђ Effects of varying water hardness levels on the hatcheries of carp eggs. Levels of vitamin C in commercially available bottled orange Juice. Compare pH Values of Feminine Wash. 3. Rationale – the rationale provides an introduction for your proposal. It states the topic and provides a background to explain the reason why you are pursuing your study.

It describes the current situation related to your study and the possible solution you are proposing. 4. Materials – this section lists all materials you will need, including the quantity and volume of chemicals to be used. Tell whether the materials will be available in the school laboratory or will be purchased by your group. If you will need special equipment or laboratory wares, state where you will borrow them. Specify if you need to perform your experiment in a particular laboratory. 5. Methodology – the methodology describes the detailed procedure, treatments, and experimental design.

Illustrate a methodology flowchart to show how you intend to do your experiment. The flowchart defines the input, the process, and the output. The output presents the test material that goes into the experiment; the process shows he treatment; and the output shows the expected outcome or result. NOTE: JUST In the methodology section, indicate the measurements or data you will gather and how you intend to present these data. Prepare blank tables showing the parameters to be measured with blank columns where the data will be placed.

Example: Treatment Control Solvent control c Aqueous Tats extract Synthetic pesticide Initial number of Aphids Total number of dead aphids % mortality 6. Implication – this section states how the results of your study will benefit the school, society, or the community. 7. Timetable – the timetable summarizes the initiative dates you wish to accomplish your work based on the deadlines set by your teacher. It is a good practice to have your partner or group accomplishes your tasks ahead of the deadlines. Below is the table of tasks and deadlines of each task.

Tasks Target Date Teacher’s Deadline 1 . Submission of problem and title defense. 2. Teacher’s approval of the title August 22 – 23, 2013 3. Writing of proposal August 20 – 26, 2013 4. Submission of proposal August 27, 2013 5. Writing of initial draft report 6. Submission of initial draft report September 6, 2013 – Lea September 9, 2013 – Rachel September 11, 2013 – Ruth 7. Teacher’s comments on the draft report 8. Revision of initial draft report incorporating teacher’s comments 9. Writing of second draft report 10.


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