Turning Point of My Life Essay

Turning Point of My Life In every human’s life there could be several incidents what could turn his/her to another way. It can be good for someone; on the other hand it can be disastrous for someone. I have also faced these sorts of incidents. The break-up with my girlfriend changed my lifestyle and my mentality as well. I had affair with a girl when I was a student of Intermediate 1st year. We loved one another very much. I became very much dependent on her that it was impossible pass a single day without her. I was too crazy for her that I forgot I should have something else (family, career) in my life.

Suddenly the worst time of any relation came in front of us. We were unable overcome that condition and one she said, “It’s impossible for me to continue the relationship”. But I couldn’t understand why that happened? I was so frustrated after that and I couldn’t believe the reality. At one point, I decided to suicide. My parents realized something happened to me. My father brought the reality in front of me and I changed my decision. At last I understood my mistakes and I came very close to my family and friends.

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I had some wrong ideas in my mind and finally I identified that. After the break-up I was frustrated but now I have covered that. Now I have a very strong mentality and I have a dream about my career and I am very careful to fulfill my dream. I have completely recovered from frustration. But the most important thing is now I think very carefully before giving a single step and it help me a lot for making decisions. After the break-up I tried to regain my strength and now I have a strong mentality and I have become able to change my lifestyle.


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