Traffic Signs and Correct Combination A. Essay

Municipal buses C. Motor cycles may park there. 23. When you want to change lanes and drive from Al to LA (sketch booklet, sketch 8) you must….. I) Only do it when it is safe to do so. It) Switch your indicators on in time to show what you are going to do. Your mirror(s) of your vehicle to ensure that you know of other traffic. CHOOSE THE CORRECT COMBINATION A. Only (I) and are correct. B. All the above are correct. C. Only (it) and (iii) are correct. 24. What does warning sign 03 show you? Ill) Use B. A number of sharp curves is ahead. C. A concealed entrance to the left is followed by one to the right. 5. If you are driving towards the circle in Z and there are also vehicles from the other three sides, you… A. Must always wait for the vehicle from your right before you drive on. B. May drive on if you were the first vehicle over the line. C. Must stop with all the vehicles and only drive on when it is safe. 26. If you see E…. A. You may only drive there if you have special permission. B. No vehicle may drive there because only pedestrians may walk there. C. It shows two-way traffic ahead. 27. You may not… I) Run the engine of your vehicle unattended. It) Use your vehicle without a cap on the fuel tank. I) Spin the wheels of your vehicle when pulling off. B. (it) only is correct. C. All of the above is correct. 28. When the robot is red and the green arrow flashes to the left as indicated in XX, it show you that… A. Only pedestrians may walk. B. If you want to turn left, you may go. C. All traffic must turn left there. 29. When may you not pass another vehicle? When you I) Are nearing the top off hill. It) Are nearing a curve. Iii) Can only see mom in front of you because of smoke over the road. A. (I) only is correct. B. All of the above are correct. C. (I) and (it) only are correct. 30.

If you see sign 82 you know that… A. Vehicles with mass of tone and less may not drive there. B. Vehicles with a mass of more than tone may not drive there. C. That section of the road can only carry vehicles that weigh up to tone. 31 . The legal speed which you may drive… A. Is always km/h outside towns/cities? B. Can be determined by yourself if you look at the number of lanes, which the road has C. Is shown to you by signs next to the road. 32. Warning sign SO shows you that…. A. There is a possibility off flood ahead. B. The road ends because of water ahead. C. There is a low water bridge ahead. . When do you have right of way? Ii) When you have stopped first at a four-way stop. Iii) When you want to turn right at an intersection in a two-way road. B. All of the above is correct. C. Only (I) is correct. 34. When you get to sign TO, you must…. A. Choose to turn left or right or drive on straight after you have stopped. B. Be ready to stop and turn left or right. C. When you want to drive straight, ignore it because traffic from the other side must stop. 35. If you come to the traffic light and the red light flashes, you must…. A. Stop and wait for the light to change to green before you go.

B. Stop and go only if it is safe to do so. C. Lookout for a roadblock as the light shows you a police stop. 36. Road marking YE is a…. A. Pedestrian crossing where you must stop for pedestrians. B. Painted island where you are not allowed to drive or stop. C. Chevron that indicates a curve to the left. A. Can drive past vehicle A if there are no other vehicles. B. Can drive over the stop line following vehicle A if there are no oncoming vehicles. C. Must stop behind vehicle A, drive nearer if that vehicle has driven off, stop immediately behind the stop line and drive on when it is safe to do so. . Look in the sketch booklet, sketch 6. When you see road marking (a), you… A. May not park there because it is parking for ambulances only. There at all. C. Know it is a lane reserved for emergency vehicles. 39. You may… B. May not park A. Leave your vehicle’s engine running without supervision. B. Allow someone to ride on the bumper of your vehicle. C. Put your arm out of the window only to give legal hand signals. 40. What does sign J show you? A. You are not allowed to travel faster than km/h at night. B. If you cannot see more than mom in front of you, switch your lights on. C.

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Dangerous conditions for next km. 41 . What is the maximum period of time that a vehicle may be parked in one place on a road outside urban areas? A. 7 Days B. 48 Hours C. 24 Hours A. Turn left at the stop sign. B. Stop and then turn left or drive straight on. C. Stop but if you want to turn left, you can use it as a yield sign. 43. The last action that you must take before moving to another lane is to… A. Switch on your indicator. B. Check the blind spot. C. Look in the review mirror. 44. Sign Bal shows you the… A. The fastest speed that you may drive. B. Distance to the next off-ramp. C.

Slowest speed that you may drive. 45. At an intersection… A. You must yield to oncoming traffic if you want to turn right. B. Vehicles have the right of way over pedestrians. C. You can use a stop sign as a yield sign if there is no other traffic. 46. Sign TTL shows you that there is a/an… A. Curve to the right ahead. B. Obstruction to the right of the road. C. Detour to the right. 47. You may overtake another vehicle on the left-hand side… I) When that vehicle is going to turn right and the road is wide enough that it is not necessary to drive on the shoulder. I’) Where the road has two lanes for traffic


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