Toulmin on gay marriage Sample Essay

Throughout history. a matrimony has been a male and female exchanging vows. assuring their lives to eachother. Never did anyone think. that gays had a right to acquire married. it was ever considered a wickedness to be gay. Legal adhering matrimony between two homophiles today. whether it be a male and male or a female and female relationship. should non be legalized after following a long history of matrimonies. There are excessively many factors that need to be addressed when covering with a cheery matrimony. My concluding for this sentiment is non because I’m homophobic. it’s merely that I don’t experience that after following the bible all these old ages. why bend against all that has been stated and studied. Data and Evidence One factor would hold to be. “what if there are kids involved in the matrimony? ” It is said that “children are better off when raised by their biological parents. ”

In a same-sex matrimony. one of the parents would be biologically unrelated to the kid. or by opportunity both. However. without both of the biological parents present. the kid would be at a disadvantage compared to a kid with both of his biological parents. Not seeking to province that childs with two biological parents. opposed to one biological parent. has a better life. it’s merely the fact that childs would be emotionally hurt without their other biological parent. Stated antecedently. “The intent of matrimony is reproduction. ” is another factor. If one of the intents of a matrimony is to reproduce. legalising cheery matrimonies would be impossible because of the same sex matrimony. This goes against the rites of a standard matrimony between a male and female. If you can’t reproduce in a same sex matrimony. there’s no manner to maintain the household name traveling from coevals to coevals like the usual American tradition. For the comfort of keeping onto the household name. I’m certain that a cheery matrimony would upset the parents. of the male or female. taking their spouses name.

Parents could perchance be happy for their kids. nevertheless they could besides disinherit their kid for their determinations. Gay marriages cause an tumult non merely to the people environing these issues. but to the 1s that are physically and emotionally affected. Not merely would these matrimonies put a strain on Americans emotionally. it would set a strain on the economic system every bit good. “If cheery people were to acquire married. the province or state automatically grants them about 500 benefits ; the federal authorities gives them about 1. 000 more. ” About 5 % of the grownups of North America are gay ; another 3 % or so are bisexual. It is the people in these populations that would perchance come in into a same-sex matrimony. A chief ground as to why I feel cheery matrimonies are looked down upon is because of the the mentions to it in the Bible. However I understand that it is non a direct statement. stating that it is non allowed. but it is considered a wickedness. Every mention in the bible that connects in some manner to gay happening. there is a negative mentality.

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The great Leviticus 20:13 provinces that “The punishment for homosexual Acts of the Apostless is decease to both parties. They have committed a abhorrent act. and are guilty of a capital discourtesy. ” As a individual. would you experience that after reading this. it would alter your determinations on homosexual matrimony? Old ages ago homosexuals were seeking to conceal. and cover up. presents they see celebrated figures such Rosie O’Donnell. altering the facts that gay matrimonies are illegal. Even though it wasn’t a jurisprudence passed by her. she seemed to do it look like homosexual matrimonies are O.K. . If people see that homosexual matrimonies are okay in California. so there would be an complete population in California of homosexuals looking to get married. It’s non a safe issue. The Warrant Gay marriages merely “can’t happen. ” The American society would endure badly. Peoples would invariably look at the whole homosexual matrimony state of affairs and experience that. “since cheery matrimony was passed to profit homosexuals. why non alter such and such regulations. to profit us? ” Where will society pull the line if they pass cheery matrimonies being legalized? The childs in the relationships. in my sentiment. would ne’er hold a normal life. They would ne’er be looked at as a normal child because of their parents being homosexual.

They would be badly ridiculed at school by the other childs and gawked at by everyone because of their parents. Who would desire a kid to hold to travel through that their whole life? I understand that when two people love eachother. nil can truly come between them. However would the safety of their kids make a difference in their determination? Qualification When I say that I am against homosexual matrimonies. I know that from all given information that has been portrayed. that I’m non entirely. A canvass taken within the past hebdomad or so. revealed that “1. 865 registered electors countrywide. with a border of mistake of 2. 3 per centum points. found that older Americans were more likely to be opposed to gay matrimonies. ” and that “Younger electors aged 18 to 34. opposed homosexual matrimonies by a border of 52 per centum to 44 per centum. Of those 65 old ages or older. 77 per centum were opposed. compared with the 15 per centum in favour. ” Recently faith groups in North America have said that they “condemn homosexual behaviour as a serious wickedness. hated by God.

We can non honor such behaviour by leting homosexuals and tribades to get married. ” All this merely proves the point that cheery matrimony is a bad thought. with the sentiments given by a huge sum of people from the United States Conclusion There are excessively many traditions that would be destroyed and would destroy the cheery population as it is. if cheery matrimonies are legalized. As stated before. I feel that the most of import ground as to why cheery matrimonies should non be permitted. is merely for kids that get involved. Their parents being homosexual wouldn’t truly bother the kid since he or she would’ve already been raised by them ; but the fact of non holding a biological parent. I’m certain. would kill the kid emotionally. Not merely will their household life be disarrayed. they will besides be ridiculed by society.

Another thing that will endure. will be the economic system. If cheery matrimonies are legalized. that means that they will acquire the 100s of benefits that a normal matrimony receives. which will set a serious strain on the economic system. In decision. I’m trusting that you get the point that I am non a homophobic. but cheery matrimonies be permitted would alter the mentality toward homosexuals as it is. Homosexuals. I’m certain. want nil more. than to merely desiring to be happy. After get marrieding. I’m certain that society would seek their hardest to rupture them down.


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